Two Month Challenger Update…Congrats Tasha!

Congratulations to Tasha Lord, our Summer Challenger, on completing 37 classes in the first two months!

Hear directly from Tasha about her experience this month…

“This last month has been chock full of typical real life hurdles, and I’m excited to say I have been able to stick to my workouts thanks in large part to the amazing reformer classes at equilibrium!  With the traveling I do this time of year with my gig schedule things get crazy with my routine-add a surgery and 3 weeks of bronchitis-oh my! At about 40% lung capacity I couldn’t do any high impact or high cardio training. The reformer classes and beginner barre classes allowed me to continue to tone, strengthen, and condition my body throughout. Wednesday was my first day back to hard cardio and it went pretty great. I’m looking forward to adding back more hard cardio and uncovering more of the work I’ve been doing!”

It’s amazing that Tasha was able to use our Pilates and Xtend Barre classes throughout her recovery and we are so happy to see her back in our high intensity classes! Check her out in HIIT55 last night:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 5




Spring into a New YOU Event

On Saturday afternoon we hosted guests and clients at the studio for an Xtend Barre class and informational talk with our Wellness Coach, Sarah. Channel 7, WXYZ’s, Erin Nicole and Alicia Smith joined us for a great sweat and tips for living a healthier life. Erin Nicole is currently on our Wedding Bootcamp package and loves taking Xtend classes to help her get in shape for her August wedding.

Here is a glimpse into our event with photos and a clip of the handouts guests received:

IMG_1347 IMG_1348IMG_1349

IMG_1328 IMG_1334


Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.30.38 PM

IMG_1338 IMG_1327

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Sunday Classes

Sunday classes are a hit!  Thanks to everyone who joined us for Body Conditioning and Xtend Barre these past few Sundays.

Reserve a spot today- classes fill up fast!

*And if you discover you have unexpected weekend plans, you have until Saturday morning to cancel without penalty.

Studio Open House Pics

Click here to see pics of today’s open house. Thanks to everyone who came and made it great!

Preferred Pricing

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Work Out Christmas Eve (day)!

Want to work out Christmas Eve day?

Join us Saturday at 8:00 AM for Body Conditioning OR 9:00 AM for Xtend.

Both classes are taught by Liz and will be a fun, challenging way to burn off those Christmas cookies.

Take Xtend tomorrow for FREE!

Come take Xtend at 9:00 AM tomorrow Dec. 21st…..FOR FREE.

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Xtend Tonight 12/5 with Jamila!

Jamila is teaching XTEND BARRE tonight at 7:00 pm! Come join us for this amazing workout.

Check Out Our New Studio Video on youtube!

Equilibrium Studio is a star!

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Xtend Challenge Update

CHECK OUT Jordan our Xtend Challenger! She looks and feels great.



Here’s what Jordan has to say about her challenge thus far:

“After roughly two months of the Xtend Challenge I continue to be amazed at the transformations I am seeing. The progression I have made is extremely exciting and each class is slightly different enough to keep me on my toes and work on new areas to improve. The instructors are constantly attentive and encouraging, pushing me in a direction that I could not do on my own. I honestly never thought I could see my body change in the way that it has in a relatively short amount of time and I’m excited to see additional results. Furthermore, as a graduate student I have noticed the mental results – the structure of the class surely gives me a level of sanity outside of school which has definitely carried over to my concentration within my design regimen.”