Way to go, Sue! Week 10 of the challenge started today…

Our challenger, Sue, has been AMAZING! She has committed herself to working out at Equilibrium on a regular basis. She takes a variety of workouts throughout each week, including Xtend Barre, Total Body Conditioning, NYTimes Circuit and Pilates. We are so impressed with the way she has stepped up her fitness. Check out her latest updates here:


“Week 9 done! only 3 weeks left to my fitness challenge. This past Fri, Sarah stepped up the NY times circuit workout and had us use weights and added core work and stretching after the 30 minutes …it was a great workout! I’m still working on drinking 4 glasses of water daily and have to admit I don’t always accomplish it. Going to start out week 10 tomorrow with the 8:15 Xtend Barre Express! It’s really been nice to meet people at these classes and see them throughout the week. Makes it feel like we are part of a family!”


“Completed week 7 and starting week 8 today! My first time doing the new 45 minutes NY Times Class on Friday morning. Putting in the extra 15 minutes of stretching after the 30 minute workout is really worth it. Convinced one of my friends to try it with me this Friday morning!”
“This week really has been a complete turnaround for me. I wasn’t going into the week tired and my exercises classes went so much better. I was able to do a 2 minute plank twice this week, did 2 pound weights in the Xpress Xtend Barre Class (I always do 1 pound weights in this class) , and did a 5 pound weight in Total Body Conditioning (normally I do 2-3 pound weights)! Due to previous commitments, I couldn’t do the NY times circuit on Tuesday but got it in on Thursday morning and then did a Total Body Conditioning class. There is an aspect of this fitness challenge that I have not even attempted to do…that is drink water every day. So I feel that I need to write about it and then perhaps I will stick to doing it! It’s crazy because I know how important it is and yet I don’t do it. So here we go…I’m starting at slowly with challenging myself to at least 3 glasses a day. I know that’s a small amount but considering I am not doing anything, that will be enough of a challenge. I often defeat myself by setting unrealistic goals. I’m trying a different approach. Something is better than nothing! Have a great weekend everyone!”

Fall Challenger halfway update!

Congratulations to our fall challenger, Sue Dumond, for making it halfway through her 3 month challenge!

Sue has made an incredible commitment to her fitness and health as our fall challenger. She has attended classes consistently each week, challenging herself to try new classes, doing two a day workouts and even working out while away from the studio. Read below for her halfway point update and check out the pictures of her progress:

Sue using 2 pound weights during the entire Xtend Barre arm series!

Sue using 2 pound weights during the entire Xtend Barre arm series!

“Half way done with my Fitness Fall Challenge and I feel that I made a major breakthrough!  Not only am I stepping up my fitness level by adding on the NY Times circuit class to my routine, but I was able to finally use 2 pound weights in the Xpress Xtend Barre Class on Monday!  If it wasn’t for Sarah asking about my progress, I never would have thought about challenging myself with the heavier weights.  I think sometimes we just don’t realize we are capable of doing more and mentally and physically keep ourselves stuck in the same routine.  To top that off, I decided to try and time a plank over the weekend and I am now over a minute (1.30)!  That’s without practicing at home and only doing whatever plank moves are part of the classes.  Last week, we did so many pushups and planks in the classes and it obviously is helping me reach my ultimate goal of a 2 minute plank.  Oh and by the way, Total Body Conditioning (9 am class) was a killer today using the Body Bar Weights!  Unfortunately I didn’t have time today to stay for the NY Times circuit class but I’m hoping I can fit it in near the end of the week.  Once you start this class, you can’t give it up.  Nothing makes you sweat more and feel every muscle in your body!”

Sue holding her plank in strong form.

Sue holding her plank showing off her strong form and core.


Chair challenges all the muscles of the body while improving posture!

Chair challenges all the muscles of the body while improving posture!

Congratulations to Tasha, our Summer Challenger!

photo 1-5

Tasha, our 3-month Summer Challenger, finished her challenge last week but has already been back for more classes! Tasha accomplished many goals over the summer: improving her flexibility, strengthening her core & arms, gaining endurance, and reducing pain from her scoliosis. She even lost 6 inches by gaining muscle and tone!! 

Read below for Tasha’s final testimonial:

“I can’t believe my summer challenge is over – it went by so fast! I’m so happy that I was chosen as I am going into fall with a strong, balanced, flexible body. I’m feeling like myself again and can now do any sport or activity worry free! This may not sound like much to some, but to a girl with scoliosis that has been out if shape for too long this is enormous. At my peak of fitness I ran a half dozen marathons, mountain climbed, etc…but at the point that I started the challenge I was so out of shape I couldn’t even jog without my back going out. This week I ended my challenge and started training for a November 10k. Although some of my workouts will shift to the track and the gym over the next few months I will still be working out at Equilibrium weekly to keep me balanced as I take on new challenges! Thanks so much Sarah and Nancy for choosing me as your summer challenger.”

photo 2-4

Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Tasha! We are proud of you and look forward to continuing to see you at the studio!

Introducing our Fall Challenger, Sue!

Congratulations to our newest challenger, Sue!

We are so excited to read your first blog and to watch you get stronger over the next 3 months!

photo 1-5

Read directly from Sue about how she feels about the challenge:

“First, I would like to introduce myself.   My name is Sue Dumond and I have been selected by Equilibrium to be the next challenger!  I am so appreciative that Equilibrium has chosen me because I am not the typical person a Fitness company would choose to take on a 3 month challenge.

  • I’m not young (I’m 55).
  • I’m not trying to lose weight for an upcoming wedding  (I just celebrated by 22nd anniversary!).
  • I’m not trying to lose recent baby weight (I have 2 sons; one is 16 and one is 20).
  • I’m not trying to lose a tremendous amount of weight.

So you may be asking why Equilibrium would select me as the next challenger?!

That’s simple. I believe there are many middle aged women out there, with grown kids,  that have neglected themselves and have finally realized that it’s now time to improve their well being!   That means starting with becoming fit which is NOT the same as being at a good weight.  Becoming fit after age 50 is so much different than when I was much younger.   I will never forget going to an exercise class many years ago and having an instructor point me out in class stating “look she may have a flat stomach but she can’t do this exercise because she doesn’t have core strength”.  Honestly, I had never heard of that terminology and it really wasn’t the way to motivate me to continue in that class (side note: I haven’t had a flat stomach since I turned 50!).  I have been absent from exercise classes for many years until 2 of my good friends (Lisa Cohen and Mary Derian) convinced me to try a sampling of classes which included pilates, xtend barre classes and using the reformer.  But it wasn’t just the classes they introduced me to; it was a new method of teaching where the instructor points out modifications, gives out cues, and explains the purpose of the exercises throughout the length of the class!  After taking a sampling of the classes at Equilibrium, I knew that I wanted to be the next challenger.

I am so excited to start a program that incorporates building core strength (yes I now understand the importance of having a strong core!) along with aerobic activitity .   My goals are to increase my endurance and muscle strength while toning up my body.   I will be posting my progress along the way!  No more excuses.  It’s time to change my life!

I’ll be starting up this Monday!” ~Sue


Sue currently uses 1 pound weights and struggles to keep them through the whole series. She hopes to increase her upper body tone and strength during the challenge and work up to heavier weights.

Sue currently uses 1 pound weights and struggles to keep them through the whole series. She hopes to increase her upper body tone and strength during the challenge and work up to heavier weights.

Currently, Sue has difficulty finding the correct position in her planks. She can't hold a plank very long and is looking to increase her core strength and work up to 2 minutes.

Currently, Sue has difficulty finding the correct position in her planks. She can’t hold a plank very long and is looking to increase her core strength and work up to 2 minutes.


Two Month Challenger Update…Congrats Tasha!

Congratulations to Tasha Lord, our Summer Challenger, on completing 37 classes in the first two months!

Hear directly from Tasha about her experience this month…

“This last month has been chock full of typical real life hurdles, and I’m excited to say I have been able to stick to my workouts thanks in large part to the amazing reformer classes at equilibrium!  With the traveling I do this time of year with my gig schedule things get crazy with my routine-add a surgery and 3 weeks of bronchitis-oh my! At about 40% lung capacity I couldn’t do any high impact or high cardio training. The reformer classes and beginner barre classes allowed me to continue to tone, strengthen, and condition my body throughout. Wednesday was my first day back to hard cardio and it went pretty great. I’m looking forward to adding back more hard cardio and uncovering more of the work I’ve been doing!”

It’s amazing that Tasha was able to use our Pilates and Xtend Barre classes throughout her recovery and we are so happy to see her back in our high intensity classes! Check her out in HIIT55 last night:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 5




Spring into a New YOU Event

On Saturday afternoon we hosted guests and clients at the studio for an Xtend Barre class and informational talk with our Wellness Coach, Sarah. Channel 7, WXYZ’s, Erin Nicole and Alicia Smith joined us for a great sweat and tips for living a healthier life. Erin Nicole is currently on our Wedding Bootcamp package and loves taking Xtend classes to help her get in shape for her August wedding.

Here is a glimpse into our event with photos and a clip of the handouts guests received:

IMG_1347 IMG_1348IMG_1349

IMG_1328 IMG_1334


Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.30.38 PM

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