Two Month Challenger Update…Congrats Tasha!

Congratulations to Tasha Lord, our Summer Challenger, on completing 37 classes in the first two months!

Hear directly from Tasha about her experience this month…

“This last month has been chock full of typical real life hurdles, and I’m excited to say I have been able to stick to my workouts thanks in large part to the amazing reformer classes at equilibrium!  With the traveling I do this time of year with my gig schedule things get crazy with my routine-add a surgery and 3 weeks of bronchitis-oh my! At about 40% lung capacity I couldn’t do any high impact or high cardio training. The reformer classes and beginner barre classes allowed me to continue to tone, strengthen, and condition my body throughout. Wednesday was my first day back to hard cardio and it went pretty great. I’m looking forward to adding back more hard cardio and uncovering more of the work I’ve been doing!”

It’s amazing that Tasha was able to use our Pilates and Xtend Barre classes throughout her recovery and we are so happy to see her back in our high intensity classes! Check her out in HIIT55 last night:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 5




Who’s Ready To Get In Great Shape?


New CARDIO Classes and Prices!

Now that the weather is getting warmer we want to help you get in your best possible shape.

We are adding two new evening classes to our schedule, both taught by the amazing Brian Schiff.

Cardio Circuit Training

Mondays at 7:00 PM

This fast paced class is perfect for the person who wants to change up their routine: use trampolines, jump ropes and spinning bikes for cardio circuits and add light weights and strength exercises for strength training, core stability and balance.

Cardio Bootcamp

Wednesdays at 5:00 PM

Cardio Bootcamp is a class focused on challenging both strength and cardio, while using unique techniques focused around the body. This class is designed for clients who want to build their endurance in order to increase strength and cardio function.


Now you can get in your best shape ever for an awesome low price!

NEW Cardio Circuit Training Prices:

Single Class- $25

6 Classes- $138                     $23 each

12 Classes- $252                  $21 each (Silver Package Price)

18 Classes- $342                  $19 each (Gold Package Price)


(Cardio Bootcamp is a Studio Fitness Class).

Call the studio at 248.723.6500 or email us to reserve a space!

Stretch to Help

We are so glad to participate again in the Jewish Federation’s Women’s Department’s Stretch to Help event.

Throughout the day, across the community, women like you will make a difference. Sign up for one or more classes and treat yourself to an hour of exercise, meditation, and/or nutrition education with women who share a passion for our Jewish community. Through a gift of $18, you not only enhance your own health and wellness, but you’ll join with hundreds of other women positively impacting our community on this day.

Join us for a very special class to benefit Stretch to Help:

Fusion Bootcamp

with Staff Instructor Marianna

Sunday April 29th at 4:00 PM

Sign up online at


[A little about Fusion Bootcamp:

Remember your first day of Kindergarten when you couldn't wait to play with all the toys? FUSION BOOTCAMP is in Studio H, with more toys than you can use in an hour, including weighted bands, therabands, physioballs, weighted bars, ballet barres, cadillac wall units, bosus, fitness circles, weighted balls, straps, balance cushions, TRX, and arc barrels. This class will rock with high energy music, a high energy instructor, and boundless toys to challenge you and to keep the fun level at 100%]

12 Days Left To Purchase UNLIMITED Group Classes

You have 12 more days (until March 31st) to purchase our MARCH MADNESS special:

For $199 you get UNLIMITED GROUP CLASSES (reformer or cardio circuit training) for 30 days.

Just as a reminder, here is our circuit training lineup:



A total body workout for the busy person who wants to increase aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. Trampolines, jump ropes and spinning bikes used for the cardiac circuits. Strength training, core stability and balance will be targeted with the addition of light weights and various strength exercises will give you a complete endurance and strength workout.

with Karen:

Mondays 9-10 AM

Mondays 11AM-12PM

Wednesdays 10-11AM

Fridays 9-10AM


with Senior PT Jason:

Wednesdays 7-8 pm


Cardio/Spin Circuit will help you burn more calories during and after class with its combination 50% spin cardio and 50% strength intervals. With 10 years of spin teaching experience, Liz will guide you through varied terrain guaranteed to burn 400-700 calories and to challenge and improve your abilities just in time for all of your spring outdoor activities.

with Liz:

Wednesdays 9-10AM

Sunday Classes

Sunday classes are a hit!  Thanks to everyone who joined us for Body Conditioning and Xtend Barre these past few Sundays.

Reserve a spot today- classes fill up fast!

*And if you discover you have unexpected weekend plans, you have until Saturday morning to cancel without penalty.

New clothes!

Jamila models our newest pullover:











And look! It has a hood!

Studio Open House

Want To Learn How to Teach TRX?

Click here to learn more about Equilibrium’s upcoming TRX Training Courses!

Equilibrium Goes International!

Look! Equilibrium is in Australia!

Can’t tell which one looks better: the Sydney Opera House or that exquisite Equilibrium t-shirt. I’m going to go with.. they’re both equally good looking.

Thanks to wonderful client and friend Miriam Cohen for representing us in Australia!

Come Work Out New Year’s Eve (DAY) With Us!

Click here to learn more about our New Year’s Eve DAY plans..