Congratulations to Tasha, our Summer Challenger!

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Tasha, our 3-month Summer Challenger, finished her challenge last week but has already been back for more classes! Tasha accomplished many goals over the summer: improving her flexibility, strengthening her core & arms, gaining endurance, and reducing pain from her scoliosis. She even lost 6 inches by gaining muscle and tone!! 

Read below for Tasha’s final testimonial:

“I can’t believe my summer challenge is over – it went by so fast! I’m so happy that I was chosen as I am going into fall with a strong, balanced, flexible body. I’m feeling like myself again and can now do any sport or activity worry free! This may not sound like much to some, but to a girl with scoliosis that has been out if shape for too long this is enormous. At my peak of fitness I ran a half dozen marathons, mountain climbed, etc…but at the point that I started the challenge I was so out of shape I couldn’t even jog without my back going out. This week I ended my challenge and started training for a November 10k. Although some of my workouts will shift to the track and the gym over the next few months I will still be working out at Equilibrium weekly to keep me balanced as I take on new challenges! Thanks so much Sarah and Nancy for choosing me as your summer challenger.”

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Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Tasha! We are proud of you and look forward to continuing to see you at the studio!

Two Month Challenger Update…Congrats Tasha!

Congratulations to Tasha Lord, our Summer Challenger, on completing 37 classes in the first two months!

Hear directly from Tasha about her experience this month…

“This last month has been chock full of typical real life hurdles, and I’m excited to say I have been able to stick to my workouts thanks in large part to the amazing reformer classes at equilibrium!  With the traveling I do this time of year with my gig schedule things get crazy with my routine-add a surgery and 3 weeks of bronchitis-oh my! At about 40% lung capacity I couldn’t do any high impact or high cardio training. The reformer classes and beginner barre classes allowed me to continue to tone, strengthen, and condition my body throughout. Wednesday was my first day back to hard cardio and it went pretty great. I’m looking forward to adding back more hard cardio and uncovering more of the work I’ve been doing!”

It’s amazing that Tasha was able to use our Pilates and Xtend Barre classes throughout her recovery and we are so happy to see her back in our high intensity classes! Check her out in HIIT55 last night:

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Challenger 1 Month Update…Congratulations on your progress!

Our 3-month Studio Fitness Class Challengers have reached their one month mark! Combined Nicole and Tasha took 40 classes in 30 days! They have been dedicated to their workouts and their health. Both challengers have pushed themselves our of their comfort zone by trying new classes. They take HIIT55, Total Body Conditioning and Xtend Barre weekly. All of the instructors are impressed with the hard work they are putting in to reach their goals. We can’t wait to continue to see progress over the next two months.

Here is an update from Nicole:

“One month down, two to go!  My first month as a 3-Month Challenger has been spectacular.  Working out has now become a habit as opposed to a chore.  It is something I look forward to each and every day.  I am energized and so committed to living a healthy lifestyle.  I have committed to coming to class 5 times a week, sometimes even doing “two-a-days”.

I have now added HIIT55 to my workout regime.  It was hard in the beginning mainly because I lacked stamina, but also because my body just wouldn’t allow me to do certain things.  But what I’ve found over this past month is that it gets easier.  Don’t get me wrong-the class is TOUGH, but I find that my endurance has increased, and I’m more aware of my body than I ever have been.

Working out at Equilibrium has been an absolute dream.  After a month, I now recognize the faces and some of the names of the “regulars”.  I have to say, that the support they have shown me from day one is an absolute inspiration.  After all, if they think I can do it, how can I not???  There are so many parallels between the mind and body.  As my body becomes stronger, so does my mind.  This month has bred so much positivity –I have gained confidence, and developed a new lease on life…

I am in a place of strength, power, peace, and happiness.”

Nicole at her 1 month mark before HIIT55! She looks amazing!

Nicole at her 1 month mark before HIIT55! She looks amazing!

Here is an update from Tasha:

“One month into the challenge and my posture is already improved and my strength and endurance already increased. At shows I am no longer completely annihilated from exhaustion during the last set and no longer suffer from back strain from moving gear. I’m feeling awesome and so excited about finding something I can get some real results from and enjoy!”

Tasha before a show in Birmingham looking strong and confident!

Tasha before a show in Birmingham looking strong and confident!

Congratulations on your progress ladies! Keep up the good work! We can’t wait to hear from you again next month!

UPDATE: Winter Challenger Couple…Congratulations!

 Remember our challenger couple, Monisha and Manish? 

We have updates on both of them about their experience taking classes at Equilibrium this winter, as well as working with Wellness Coach, Sarah Willoughby.


Monisha became a regular clients during her 3-months as a challenger. She took full advantage of the variety of classes we offer, attending Total Body Conditioning, HIIT55, Xtend Barre, Reformer, and 100% Pilates! Mo even did back to back classes on a regular basis! Hear directly from Mo about what she experienced:

“Wow! I can’t believe the 3-month challenge is over.  I’m really sad about it.  The last 3 months had its ups and downs.  For the most part I tried to stick with the minimum of  3-4 classes a week, but with board exams and trying to graduate dental school on time I fell off the wagon a few times.  I loved all the classes I’ve taken especially Hit55 and Total Body Conditioning.  I’m a lot stronger.  I can actually hold a plank for more than 10 seconds!!! I see a lot more muscle tone and my stamina has increased tremendously.   Doing the nutritional classes with Sarah has also helped me learn about my body and how my body processes food and what types of foods will give me the best energy.  I’m so thankful for Equilibrium Studio for giving me this opportunity to jumpstart a healthy way of living and being more active!”

Monisha’s husband, Manish, was also a challenger. With his incredibly busy schedule as a doctor, Manish struggled to get 4 classes in per week but when he made it in to the studio he felt amazing! Even with personal schedule challenges he still attended lots of different types of classes and talks about the benefits and his plans moving forward in his wonderfully open and honest testimonial:

“The challenge was a great experience for me as well, although I definitely failed to accomplish what I had set out to do. After initially starting pretty strong for about the first month, I slowed to probably about 2 classes per week for a couple more weeks, and I think for the last month of the challenge haven’t made any classes. Basically, things became extremely busy at work, and I have just been constantly working for the last half of the challenge, and have just not been able to make the classes. In the first 4-6 weeks of the challenge, even when work was busy during the week, I was able to get in classes on the weekends, but of course wedding season has started, and we’ve been out of town on the weekends, so I haven’t been able to get the classes in then either.

I actually really enjoyed all the classes I was able to attend, and I can definitely tell the difference in my overall strength, and stamina levels since I have stopped attending. Sarah hears me complain about my weight not changing all the time during our nutrition classes, but although it may not have changed, the composition of my body certainly has since I have stopped attending classes, during the first 6 weeks, I certainly noticed a difference in the “shape” of my torso, with an overall “leaner” appearance, and currently my mid-section has definitely loosened up a bit. I really loved the TBC classes, especially on Saturday mornings, as you begin to see the regulars, and its just such a high energy class and you really feel that you have accomplished something by 9am on Saturday morning, a time when I would probably just be “lazing” in bed.

I was only able to attend a few of the nutrition sessions with Sarah, but have actually implemented many of her suggestions, and I will be the first to admit, I’m a very difficult client from a nutrition perspective, but she has really helped us begin on the path towards being more aware of what we put in our bodies.

The experience has been great, and I really appreciate Equilibrium for allowing us this opportunity, and I think at the very least, we have started on a path towards being healthier…and maybe by the end of the year I’ll be giving Ron a run for his money!!”

Monisha and Manish, we are proud of you for working hard in class and in your Wellness Coaching sessions! You are on a great path to health and success! Congratulations!

Interested in being the next challenger? We are looking for our summer challengers RIGHT NOW! Email with your story and goals for a chance to receive 3-months of free classes in exchange for pictures, updates, posts and testimonials. 

Weight Loss Challenge Update

Weight Loss Challenge update from Jenn:

“Since having my consultation with Stacy, I have made many changes to my diet. The first thing I did was download “My Fitness Pal”, an awesome app that has helped me immensely! I am able to track what I eat throughout the day so I do not eat too few calories as that was my major problem. It also allows me to see how many carbs, sugars, protein, fiber and calories I have consumed each day. Stacy suggested I cut way back on my carbs, and this helps me make sure I do not eat too many!


I also always eat breakfast now (something I never did before) and try to be conscious of eating something every three to four hours. I feel so much beter than I did a few weeks ago! I feel more energized, happier, healthier and more in control. I also make sure I drink enough water throughout the day and have successfully cut back on the pop.


I lost two pounds this week and one pound the week before, for a total weight loss of three pounds thus far. I was extremely nervous and skeptical that eating almost double the calories I was eating before would help me lose weight, but I have been happily proven wrong.”


Thanks Jenn! We’re proud of you.


For today’s update, we have two excellent meal ideas from Nancy H (with the help of Stacy Goldberg, of course).

For breakfast it’s cantaloupe, Fage non fat Greek yogurt, topped with The Healthy Nut Almonds and served with a non-fat cappuccino.

“I found out at my consultation yesterday that I am still short on my daily goals for fiber and protein…so I’m starting the day with both and in a way that tastes great! Also, Stacy suggested that some of my allergy symptoms could be aggravated by dairy and I’m working on cutting back.”


And Nancy’s healthy lunch: chicken salad made with Light Lemonaise (a great alternative to mayo) and lentils for protein and fiber. Instead of cappuccino, mint tea with lots of lemon and ginger added to soothe a sore throat.

Good work Nancy on coming up with a creative way to make a classic meal a healthy one!

Who’s Ready To Get In Great Shape?


New CARDIO Classes and Prices!

Now that the weather is getting warmer we want to help you get in your best possible shape.

We are adding two new evening classes to our schedule, both taught by the amazing Brian Schiff.

Cardio Circuit Training

Mondays at 7:00 PM

This fast paced class is perfect for the person who wants to change up their routine: use trampolines, jump ropes and spinning bikes for cardio circuits and add light weights and strength exercises for strength training, core stability and balance.

Cardio Bootcamp

Wednesdays at 5:00 PM

Cardio Bootcamp is a class focused on challenging both strength and cardio, while using unique techniques focused around the body. This class is designed for clients who want to build their endurance in order to increase strength and cardio function.


Now you can get in your best shape ever for an awesome low price!

NEW Cardio Circuit Training Prices:

Single Class- $25

6 Classes- $138                     $23 each

12 Classes- $252                  $21 each (Silver Package Price)

18 Classes- $342                  $19 each (Gold Package Price)


(Cardio Bootcamp is a Studio Fitness Class).

Call the studio at 248.723.6500 or email us to reserve a space!


New Class Alert!

We know you want to be in your best shape for Spring…SO we’ve added two great new cardio classes that will help you lose weight and feel your best.

Cardio Circuit Training
Mondays at 7:00 PM with Brian

Cardio Bootcamp
Wednesdays at 5:00 PM with Brian


Cardio Circuit Training is a total body workout for the busy person who wants to  increase aerobic fitness and muscular endurance simultaneously. A fast paced class where participants move from one station to the next after one to five minutes performing an exercise targeted to a specific body part or cardio fitness. Trampolines, jump ropes,  and spinning bikes used for the cardiac circuits. Strength training, core stability and balance will be targeted with the addition of light weights and various strength exercises will give you a complete endurance and strength workout..  This class is perfect for the person who needs to change up their routine. This class is for injury free clients who have had experience with body conditioning or TRX. Please bring clean shoes

Cardio Bootcamp is a class focused on challenging both strength and cardio, while using unique techniques focused around the body. This class is designed for clients who want to build their endurance in order to increase strength and cardio function.  With the body as the primary focus, few props will be used. CLEAN SHOES REQUIRED.

Stacy Goldberg’s Nutrition Tip

A great nutrition tip from Stacy Goldberg of What’s In Your Cart?:

“Pick a good nutrition magazine, cookbook, or something to read to give you inspiration. Some of my favorites are: Nutrition Action Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, VegNews.  Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism Cookbook and Rocco DiSpirito makes a great cookbook with lower calorie comfort food recipes. I also love Kris Carrs Crazy Sexy Diet & Gwenyth Paltrows Cookbooks!”

Equilibrium Wants To Help You Lose Weight

Nancy Talk 

Nancy and Oliver

Thank you for letting me share my favorite things with you.

In addition to my family, friends, studio, music, exercise, food, education, books, and movies, I am passionate about progress, change, and new developments at the studio.

March is National Nutrition Month and as you know equilibrium now has a staff nutritionist, Stacy Goldberg, founder of What’s In Your Cart? and her newest company, Savorfull.

I invited a small group to join me in a Studio Weight Loss Challenge.

Six team members and two clients committed to sharing their stories, pictures, successes, and anything else they learn from this journey to better nutrition and better health. A few examples of our statements:

“I am excited to incorporate healthier eating habits along with the fitness classes I have been taking at Equilibrium to get me in great shape for my wedding this summer! Making nutrition and fitness an important part of my everyday life will help keep me in shape long after the wedding!” Mary, Client Service Manager

“I am looking forward to learning  about the food I eat, giving up pop, and losing 15-20 pounds in a healthy way.”
Jenn, Staff Instructor

“I would like to lose 6-8lbs. during the weight loss challenge, learn to control my sugar cravings and help balance my hormones.”
Amy, Senior Instructor

There are more that we will share this month on Facebook and at the studio.

Here is my personal statement of intent:

” Since going through menopause it has been increasingly difficult to lose weight so I want to take this challenge to lose 8-10 pounds which will reduce my risk of heart disease and diabetes, diseases that run in my family.”

Ask yourself today, am I at the healthiest weight for my age, genetics and gender?

If your answer is no, or even probably not, you owe yourself a comprehensive nutritional analysis of your health history and your five day food journal, a wonderful service offered by WhatsInYourCart at the studio.
Schedule a private consultation with Stacy Goldberg in our new private Nutrition Office.

What do you have to lose except some weight and anxiety over the extra weight?

Your family members who do not exercise at the studio are also encouraged to use our Nutritional Services, including adolescents and teens

And don’t forget that if you or anyone in your family suffers from food allergies, Stacy Goldberg has a specialized program just for you.

If you are ready to take the next step, please call Mary at the studio to get started.

Warm Regards,