Stacy Goldberg’s Nutrition Tip

A great nutrition tip from Stacy Goldberg of What’s In Your Cart?:

“Pick a good nutrition magazine, cookbook, or something to read to give you inspiration. Some of my favorites are: Nutrition Action Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, VegNews.  Jillian Michaels Master Your Metabolism Cookbook and Rocco DiSpirito makes a great cookbook with lower calorie comfort food recipes. I also love Kris Carrs Crazy Sexy Diet & Gwenyth Paltrows Cookbooks!”

Weight Loss Challenge

As many of you already know, a few staff members and Equilibrium clients are participating in a Weight Loss Challenge, combining exercise with nutritional advice from Stacy Goldberg. The challenge is just beginning and here is what participant, Maureen, on why she’s taking the challenge:

“Ultimately, I want to take this challenge to lose 15 pounds and understand the relationship between food and exercise. I want to know how I can use food to boost my metabolism and therefore, increase my energy to workout more efficiently.”

YAY Maureen! Good luck, we know you’ll do great.

(Everyone can look forward to updates from Maureen on how her challenge is going…)