Equilibrium Wants To Help You Lose Weight

Nancy Talk 

Nancy and Oliver

Thank you for letting me share my favorite things with you.

In addition to my family, friends, studio, music, exercise, food, education, books, and movies, I am passionate about progress, change, and new developments at the studio.

March is National Nutrition Month and as you know equilibrium now has a staff nutritionist, Stacy Goldberg, founder of What’s In Your Cart? and her newest company, Savorfull.

I invited a small group to join me in a Studio Weight Loss Challenge.

Six team members and two clients committed to sharing their stories, pictures, successes, and anything else they learn from this journey to better nutrition and better health. A few examples of our statements:

“I am excited to incorporate healthier eating habits along with the fitness classes I have been taking at Equilibrium to get me in great shape for my wedding this summer! Making nutrition and fitness an important part of my everyday life will help keep me in shape long after the wedding!” Mary, Client Service Manager

“I am looking forward to learning  about the food I eat, giving up pop, and losing 15-20 pounds in a healthy way.”
Jenn, Staff Instructor

“I would like to lose 6-8lbs. during the weight loss challenge, learn to control my sugar cravings and help balance my hormones.”
Amy, Senior Instructor

There are more that we will share this month on Facebook and at the studio.

Here is my personal statement of intent:

” Since going through menopause it has been increasingly difficult to lose weight so I want to take this challenge to lose 8-10 pounds which will reduce my risk of heart disease and diabetes, diseases that run in my family.”

Ask yourself today, am I at the healthiest weight for my age, genetics and gender?

If your answer is no, or even probably not, you owe yourself a comprehensive nutritional analysis of your health history and your five day food journal, a wonderful service offered by WhatsInYourCart at the studio.
Schedule a private consultation with Stacy Goldberg in our new private Nutrition Office.

What do you have to lose except some weight and anxiety over the extra weight?

Your family members who do not exercise at the studio are also encouraged to use our Nutritional Services, including adolescents and teens

And don’t forget that if you or anyone in your family suffers from food allergies, Stacy Goldberg has a specialized program just for you.

If you are ready to take the next step, please call Mary at the studio to get started.

Warm Regards,