For today’s update, we have two excellent meal ideas from Nancy H (with the help of Stacy Goldberg, of course).

For breakfast it’s cantaloupe, Fage non fat Greek yogurt, topped with The Healthy Nut Almonds and served with a non-fat cappuccino.

“I found out at my consultation yesterday that I am still short on my daily goals for fiber and protein…so I’m starting the day with both and in a way that tastes great! Also, Stacy suggested that some of my allergy symptoms could be aggravated by dairy and I’m working on cutting back.”


And Nancy’s healthy lunch: chicken salad made with Light Lemonaise (a great alternative to mayo) and lentils for protein and fiber. Instead of cappuccino, mint tea with lots of lemon and ginger added to soothe a sore throat.

Good work Nancy on coming up with a creative way to make a classic meal a healthy one!

Weight Loss Challenge Update- How To Respect Your Diet When It’s Your Birthday!

It’s Mary’s birthday and those of us participating in the weight loss challenge face a significant dilemma: How are we expected to celebrate a birthday without cake, cookies or chocolate?

Our answer:







Healthy Lavender Lemon Cupcakes–made with whole wheat flour!

A yummy way to celebrate Mary’s birthday without all the guilt afterwards.

Weight Loss Challenge

As many of you already know, a few staff members and Equilibrium clients are participating in a Weight Loss Challenge, combining exercise with nutritional advice from Stacy Goldberg. The challenge is just beginning and here is what participant, Maureen, on why she’s taking the challenge:

“Ultimately, I want to take this challenge to lose 15 pounds and understand the relationship between food and exercise. I want to know how I can use food to boost my metabolism and therefore, increase my energy to workout more efficiently.”

YAY Maureen! Good luck, we know you’ll do great.

(Everyone can look forward to updates from Maureen on how her challenge is going…)