Bodyweight Training Workshop

Bodyweight Training Workshop

Can using only bodyweight can create an effective workout for any level client? Absolutely! Explore a workout that takes you through a series of standing exercises designed to strengthen and tone from the ground up. No additional props or external resistance are needed in this creative full-body training session that targets muscular strength and endurance, balance and control. Exercise variations are included to increase or decrease challenge and intensity as well as discussions of cueing and motivating techniques.

Learning objectives

  • Explore how standing exercises can challenge the whole body.
  • Apply the Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES to a workout using body weight.
  • Discuss exercise variations to increase or decrease intensity
  • Discover cuing and motivational techniques for every participa

Workshop Dated: Saturday, December 4, 2021
Workshop Times: 1:30-3:30pm
CEC#: 0.2
Workshop Fee: $125.00
Instructor Trainer: Holly Furgason


Props required: Pilates Mat

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