Comprehensive Mat and Reformer (CMR)

Comprehensive Mat and Reformer (CMR)

The STOTT PILATES® Comprehensive Program (Level 1) teaches the STOTT PILATES® principles and Essential and Intermediate exercises in a time frame that allows you to assimilate and apply the material at a slower pace. This “ground up” approach is intended for those with no prior teaching experience and little or no training in functional anatomy and/or movement as well as limited exposure to Pilates. Equilibrium is one of only two studios in the United States that offer the Comprehensive program to those who don’t have the prerequisites for Intensive Training. Immerse yourself in learning and studio life and you will gain the solid foundation and required skills to teach pilates.

  • 310 total hours usually completed in 9-12 months. Includes:
  • 120 hours of classroom instruction
  • 130 hours of studio observation, physical review & practice teaching
  • 60 hour apprenticeship

Course Fee: $5,235

The dates of CMR training are not listed on our website because CMR stands for Comprehensive Mat-Reformer and the CMR course requires 310 total hours usually completed in 9-12 months. Your classroom instruction of 120 hours includes 40 hours of Comprehensive Matwork, 50 hours of Comprehensive  Reformer, and 30 hours of Anatomy Instruction. Your 130 hours of studio observation, physical review & practice teaching allow you to learn from the most experienced Pilates professionals in the Midwest. You final 60-hour apprenticeship is a unique learning experience in the busiest pilates studio in the Midwest where we have been training teachers and clients since 1996.

Because people entering the CMR program are embarking on a new career in fitness we want to personally talk to you about the program and what you can expect. Our program is unique because not only do you have non-stop access to a fully operational busy pilates studio, you also have a support staff of service specialists to answer your questions and provide support along your journey.

We highly recommend a FREE 30 minute training consultation at the studio, or by phone if you are considering the Comprensive Program. IF you have never created a training profile at Equilibrium Studio and you are ready to schedule your informational meeting you can call or text the  Education Department at 248.723.1300 or please provide us with your contact details and we will contact you.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Jessica Prentice | Training Coordinator & Studio Manager

Nancy Hodari | Education Director & Founder