The GYROTONIC® Method encourages the movement of ones body to move like nature intended. Based on movements from Kundalini yoga, swimming, dance, gymnastics and tai-chi, you will experience fluid, rhythmic, spiraling, arching, and circling movements while you strengthen and mobilize the spine and all the joints of your body.
Sessions in the GYROTONIC® Method will stimulate your nervous system, lengthen your muscles, and relieve tension while developing overall fitness.
Like pilates, the effectiveness of the GYROTONIC® Method is determined by the training and experience of the instructor. Equilibrium is proud to offer instruction by certified instructors


The GYROKINESIS® Method of exercise systematically and gently works the joints and the muscles through seven natural elements of rhythmic undulating spinal movements: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist, and circular Performed on small stools or a mat, these movements stimulate the body’s internal organs while different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated along with the movements.