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"A person is as young as their spinal column"

- Joseph Pilates -

You shouldn’t believe everything you read”, and we agree. That’s why we’ve prepared 360” virtual tours of Equilibrium Studios – you will love what you see!

Because you are our top priority our studios are designed to pamper your body, mind, and spirit!


New to pilates?

We have a special offer for new clients to help introduce you to the joys of fitness

At Equilibrium Studio, we believe pilates can be done by anyone, at any level. We recommend our New Client Package where you will receive 2 private sessions, 3 studio fitness classes and 1 group reformer class for 30 percent off the standard price. Our professional staff will focus on your body’s needs and private instruction ensures that you develop proper technique and strong form that you can build on. Our classes will help broaden your horizons and let you determine what areas you wish to focus on moving forward. Ready to get started? Fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.


The equilibrium studio team

We have 24 certified instructors on staff including 4 physical therapists who can help shape your body

Meet our staff
Equilibrium Studio Team, Michigan

Helping train
the next generation
of instructors

The experienced teachers at Equilibrium Studio can share their wealth of knowledge

Whether you are a physical therapist, fitness instructor, a trained pilates teacher or simply a person who loves pilates, we have teacher training programs available to let you fulfill your ambitions. You can find Equilibrium Studio graduates teaching pilates throughout Michigan. These people came to us from all types of backgrounds harboring a desire to become a pilates instructor and left our studio with the skills and expertise necessary to reach this goal. We can empower you with the same education too.

Become a teacher

Pilates Teacher Training Program. Michigan

See what clients say
about Equilibrium Studio

“Equilibrium Pilates has literally changed my life. I never thought in a million years that I could actually enjoy exercising and see such great results so fast! Thank You!”

Birmingham, Michigan

“After doing Pilates at another studio for 3 years I finally decided I needed a change. That is when I found Equilibrium. I met Marianna last week and Kristen today, what amazing woman to work with, and will be meeting Stephanie when I return from vacation. I wanted to thank your staff for the great first impression. You have a beautiful, clean, relaxed and state of the art studio that I am looking forward to doing what I love in! Thank you!”

Melissa S.,
West Bloomfield, Michigan

“Being the xtend challenger at equilibrium has been a great experience. I am so lucky to work with the best instructors and have been feeling great since I started… I am looking good, feeling good and have so much more energy…equilibrium has changed my life in a lot of ways…”

Heather Yacoub,
Farmington, Michigan

“I took part in the wonderful “Matwork Flow with Weights” workshop today. Had to make a quick exit to catch my flight home! Thanks so much! What a beautiful studio – wonderful people and energy there! I will be back.”

Jessica White,
Lexington, Kentucky

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