Week 5 – A Whole New Body

I finished the challenge on June 27th, a warm and bright Sunday. I left Sabrina’s morning class feeling long, lean, and ready to write. But I didn’t write. Instead, over the next 30 days, I volleyed from one major life event to another.

Week 4 – Seeing the Difference?

This week had a rough start. The Monday I was supposed to see the difference saw me feeling low energy and frustrated. I was the only person in Sean’s evening class, so I asked if we could take things slow and restoratively.

Week 3 – The Middle

How is it that I’ve had obliques my entire life but am just now understanding what it feels like for them to activate? Don’t I use them every single day? Don’t they literally function to keep me upright and stable? Thanks to this week, my obliques are now engaged and sore in a way that I never knew was possible.

Week 2 – Feeling the Difference?

Last week I mentioned how humbled I was feeling by this experiment. It’s abundantly clear to me that, no matter your level as a devotee or as a teacher, we are all students of Pilates, and it’s our real-time growth that keeps us moving forward.

Week 1 – Back to Basics

My lats, they hurt. I only discovered this during a private with Anna where she had me take a stretch on the Cadillac. It was a sore burning that kicked on when I raised my arms and went into a slight back extension—and it let me know I’d been putting in work.

Hello! I’m Cambrey.

Hello! I’m Cambrey. I’m a professional writer and fitness enthusiast from Detroit. After rolling with the punches of 2020, I decided I would make 2021 a little better by recommitting to my health.

The Value of Matwork

Before I was certified on the Pilates equipment, I had my Mat certification for about two years. Eventually, I got fully certified, and soon found that I chose to do a lot of my workouts on the equipment, since there is so much variety available and I love using the equipment for my clients.

Why Pilates?

As someone with a passion for movement and well-being, I was naturally drawn to Pilates.

I was exposed to movement during my childhood years as a dancer and after graduating college, I began practicing yoga as a mental and physical outlet.

Focus on a transformation bigger than myself

I moved to Detroit so I could pursue my Masters degree in Acting. I wanted to focus my mind, body, and spirit on a transformation bigger than myself. I’ve realized through my studies and Pilates training that I want to help other artists like me reconnect with their bodies.

Working out in a Mask

Since we've been back at the studio, the biggest change for me has been wearing a mask. Though our cleaning protocol is a little more intense, we have always kept a very clean studio and I haven't really felt much of a change there. Even coming through one door and leaving through another hasn't been much of an adjustment.