Why Pilates?

As someone with a passion for movement and well-being, I was naturally drawn to Pilates.

I was exposed to movement during my childhood years as a dancer and after graduating college, I began practicing yoga as a mental and physical outlet.

Focus on a transformation bigger than myself

I moved to Detroit so I could pursue my Masters degree in Acting. I wanted to focus my mind, body, and spirit on a transformation bigger than myself. I’ve realized through my studies and Pilates training that I want to help other artists like me reconnect with their bodies.

Working out in a Mask

Since we've been back at the studio, the biggest change for me has been wearing a mask. Though our cleaning protocol is a little more intense, we have always kept a very clean studio and I haven't really felt much of a change there. Even coming through one door and leaving through another hasn't been much of an adjustment.

Pilates Diversity Scholarship

My dear friend and colleague, Holly Furgason, owner of Blue Sparrow Pilates in San Francisco sent me this note recently.

Dear Nancy,

The Pilates field should be a reflection of our larger society and be a leader in creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable spaces for movement.

Coronavirus And Our Community


I want to discuss coronavirus. Like you, I am unsure whether the virus will affect our area, but we have to be diligent to protect each other.

Over 23 years I have heard from many of you that our uber clean studio is one of the reasons you love equilibrium.

Why I Love Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels (CCB)

Have you already taken Mat and Reformer or maybe only one of these courses? Are you wondering why it might be a great idea to take CCB?

I'd like to answer you with a resounding YES!!

After taking Mat and or Reformer you may think that you have enough of a selection of exercises to keep all of your clients happy.

Why I Still Love Pilates

In 1998 I heard about Equilibrium from an acquaintance who had been teaching Pilates for many years in her home. I took a session with her and she told me about this new studio that was open in Bloomfield Hills. She suggested maybe I should check it out.

MELT Inspiration Mary Alice

Mary Alice has been my client for 5 years this month (Happy MELTiversary Mary Alice! ), so I decided to interview her about her MELT practice and share her experience. If you've never heard of MELT, MELT is hands off manual therapy. We use a soft foam roller and small balls to balance your nervous system and hydrate your connective tissue system to help reduce inflammation and pain.