Focus on a transformation bigger than myself


I moved to Detroit so I could pursue my Masters degree in Acting. I wanted to focus my mind, body, and spirit on a transformation bigger than myself. I’ve realized through my studies and Pilates training that I want to help other artists like me reconnect with their bodies. Seeing my determination my professor, Jill Dion, passed along an opportunity to participate in the STOTT PILATES® Intensive Mat Plus certification at Equilibrium Studio. Since embarking on this adventure, my life has been changed for the better.

My goal, once certified, is to begin teaching private Pilates sessions with a diverse group of clients, offer affordable virtual classes to others within the BIPOC and plus size communities, and incorporate Pilates into my singing and acting training both as a student and a coach. Thanks to WSU Theatre & Dance professor, Hannah Andersen for extending this unique opportunity to the performance students at Wayne State! I am so grateful to Nancy Hodari and Jessica Prentice for making sure an opportunity like this is accessible for the BIPOC and plus size communities.

LaRaisha Dionne
Diversity Scholarship Awardee
Intensive Mat Plus Trainee at Equilibrium Pilates Studio