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It’s Nancy Hodari and I want to thank you for “visiting” equilibrium and I hope I can persuade you to add a physical visit after this cyber visit.

People always ask how a lawyer got into the Pilates business. I’ll try to keep this short-always a challenge for me:)  I was practicing law and raising four active children when a nerve injury led to my third back surgery. After surgery the doctor proclaimed the procedure a huge success but then, almost as an afterthought, he added that I would have to walk with a brace. Physical therapy left me frustrated as my sessions concentrated on improving my rate of grabbing marbles with my numb toes.  I started investigating alternative therapies and discovered Pilates. I worked with Khita Austin working out of her basement in Ann Arbor, followed by the infamous Romana, Joseph Pilate’s disciple in New York City. In her thick Romanian accent, she said take off that brace and let’s get you moving in a new way.

Equilibrium Studio Founder

I quickly realized that Oakland County would not miss another newly trained attorney, but that it was badly in need of a Pilates training studio.

Serendipity, luck, good timing? Whatever you want to call it, a company then called STOTT CONDITIONING, based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates was launching a new international program and I obtained the first license to open a training center in the US. In 1997 a trademark lawsuit prevented us from saying we taught "pilates: An October 2000 decision in Manhattan’s federal court declared that Pilates, like yoga and karate, is an exercise method and not a trademark. We were then able to say that we taught a method called STOTT PILATES and could train new teachers in the method of STOTT PILATES, also called "the Ivy League of Pilates Education".

Equilibrium opened with two instructors.  One was Canadian so I actually put my lawyer hat back on and got her a work visa under NAFTA.

Fast forward. Two locations, 25 certified instructors, 6 guest service specialists, and I’m still passionate about pilates and my studio family.

Forget the non-stop press about all the athletes, movie stars, and models who not only do pilates but look amazing coming to and from their workouts.

At Equilibrium, you will find all kinds of people bonded by their love of pilates.  Our team is friendly and approachable, and we don’t beat you up, or insist that you “feel the burn” We teach you to move more efficiently with less pain and stress.

Come in and try Pilates. I promise you will leave feeling a little taller, a little stronger, and a lot happier.

And if you are contemplating a career change or just want to chat, email me at

Nancy Hodari
Attitude Sculptor AKA Founder & Director of Education Programs

Pilates continues to be the best investment in the health of my spine. Scoring a private session with Jason Roberts — priceless!