What to Observe When Observing…..PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!!!!


Doing your observation hours can be a challenge. Most of us get interested in Pilates because we enjoy movement which can make it difficult to sit and watch someone else workout.

Here are a few tips to get you through the hour:

  1. Put away your phone...better yet turn it off to avoid temptation. Remember looking at your phone does not count as observation.
  2. Choose 1 instructor to watch and try to figure out why exercises are being chosen for the client.
  3. Notice the movement abilities for that particular client. Does that client move well. What do you see that could be corrected that the instructor is not correcting. Try to figure out if the instructor just didn't see the movement that seems wrong or does this client have other needs that are more important.
  4. If the instructor and client are working on a piece of equipment that you are not familiar with, study the movement and:
    1. figure out what is moving eccentrically or concentrically.
    2. find similarities and differences to exercises you already know and what makes the exercise different or similar.
    3. Is the workout well rounded? Is there spinal movement in all planes and movement at the extremities?
    4. If it's an exercise you know, listen to the layering of choreography or better yet, practice saying the choreography to yourself.
  5. At the risk of repeating myself, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Enjoy learning 😉

- Gayle Eubanks, STOTT PILATES® Instructor Trainer