My favorite Pilates exercise is…


By: Liz Smythe

"So you just haven't lived until you try elephant on the chair! It's very hard for me to pick a favorite Pilates exercise, but that one is right at the top of the list. It makes me smile just thinking about it! I love the challenge of the balance, the intensity of the abdominal work and the fantastic stretch through the back.

Pilates has Become a Major Player in my Life

Pilates has Become a Major Player in my Life
By Amy Slowik, PT

Pilates has become part of my life, whether I am in the studio or not.
In my physical therapy practice, I incorporate the pilates principles into every patient’s treatment program. Sometimes I teach them pilates exercises.

“Pilates an Effective Exercise, especially if you’re pregnant”

We love seeing our pregnant clients staying healthy and safe during their pregnancy so when we came across this article recently, we were so thrilled with what this instructor is saying!

"One question I get asked all the time by women who are pregnant: “Is Pilates safe to do?”

And my response is: YES! During pregnancy it is important to exercise regularly and most importantly, safely.

Inspiring testimonial from our amazing, post-pregnancy client!

We love hearing inspiring stories from our clients about their success and experience with Pilates at Equilibrium! Jamie Baker, a client since spring of 2014 wrote to us after having her sweet baby boy. During her pregnancy, Jamie consistently came to weekly private sessions with Christine & Elissha and attended Xtend Barre classes with Liz.

A great teacher is also a great student…

A great teacher is also a great student...

I love learning from Amy P....Ever since I was in the training program, I enjoyed learning from Amy P. I admire how detailed she is in teaching her clients and classes. She ensures that every client gets a safe and effective workout while challenging them with Pilates.

Studio Stars: Anastasia and Ron Plonkey!

Our FIRST Studio Stars Feature highlights one of our very favorite couples: Anastasia and Ron Plonkey! We absolutely love having them in the studio on an (almost) daily basis. We are so impressed by their dedication and commitment to their health and strength.

My Favorite Exercise Is…with Jenn Montie

Jenn shares two of her favorite exercises:

My favorite exercise to teach on the mat is slow double leg stretch. It is great for the core and has a lot of choreography! It is difficult to cue, but with practice it is a fun challenge!

My favorite exercise to do personally is feet in the straps -frog.

STOTT Pilates for Dance Instructors

for Dance Instructors
By Jenn Montie

As a ballet instructor I think that every dance instructor should go through the training program!

I was a dance instructor before I became a Pilates instructor and I'm so thankful that I decided to do the training! People who grow up dancing usually have a strong body awareness and a good sense of anatomy.