Motherhood and Pilates Instructor = My Dream Career

I started doing Pilates in 2003 after I had my second child. A few years later I found myself in the middle of a divorce. I no longer could be a stay at home mom and housewife. I wanted a career that could give me more purpose and afford me the opportunity to work and be a stay at home mom at the same time.

In 2007, I made the best decision...I started my Pilates training at Equilibrium. My training not only transformed my body, but my mind as well. It gave me the confidence I needed. 11 years later I am not only a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor, I am a mom and I have joined the client-service team twice a week at Equilibrium and I LOVE IT! Yep, you read that right - I LOVE IT! Being a part of the client-service team gives me the opportunity to be someone else at the studio. I can be silly and put my organizational skills to good use.

11 years later I have an amazing career doing something I not only love, but that I am passionate about. I love working with such incredible people every single day and I love being able to help people. My clients are like family and seeing how Pilates has completely changed their lives gives me life!
Turning my passion for fitness into a career was the best decision of my life!