Which Workout Is The Best?


As a seasoned fitness instructor of 30 years (how can I be that old!? I obviously started when I was 10, but I digress…) I’ve seen and taught a multitude of fitness classes. Hi lo aerobics, step aerobics, slide aerobics, shallow water aerobics, deep-water aerobics, spinning, Boot Camp, TRX, rip trainer and finally Pilates. The question I am most frequently asked, is which kind of workout do I like the best? Each form of exercise has its strengths and weaknesses, but the thing that makes everything I do better is Pilates. The basic principles of Pilates guide every work out I teach whether it’s a Pilates work out or not.

I strongly and passionately encourage all personal trainers and group fitness instructors to add at least a professional STOTT PILATES® Matwork course to their resume so that all of what they teach can include intelligent biomechanical principles. I can’t even imagine how different my life my health and my fitness would be if I had not become a Pilates instructor. Since becoming a STOTT PILATES® certified instructor, my total health and fitness have improved dramatically and I’ve been able to guide my clients to the same. Pilates is at the “core” of everything I do and it keeps me standing tall, feeling good and aware of my body and my blessings every day!

-Liz Smythe