Anatomy Workshop
and Course

Anatomy Workshop & Course

The 30 hour Functional Anatomy course is part of the Comprehensive Program, and fully prepares students for that program. Additionally it can serve as a refresher or for anyone needing to fulfill the anatomy prerequisite for the Intensive course. The anatomy course is broken into 2 modules, the 6-hour anatomy workshops and 24-hour anatomy course.

The classroom-style presentation utilizes visual aids and hands-on techniques providing students with a thorough review of anatomy basics which can be applied to all repertoire, as well as functional activities and movement.

This course uses lectures, demonstrations and group activities to teach basic anatomy fundamentals. There is a focus on anatomical terminology, which includes anatomical position, planes of motion, types of movement, names and locations of the majority of the bones in the body, locations and actions of joints, major muscle groups and the individual muscles’ origin insertion and action. Select exercises from the STOTT PILATES® repertoire are also broken down and analyzed in terms of the functional anatomy at play. Participants will deepen their understanding of the body and enhance their teaching with improved exercise selection and programming.

The 6 hour Anatomy Workshop is valuable to take as part of the review process in anticipation of taking your certification exam. It can also be taken to earn your 6 CEC’s.

Day 1: February 1, 2024
Day 2: February 8, 2024
Workshop Times: 6:15pm-9:15pm
Workshop Fee: $290.00

Day 1: February 1, 2024
Day 2: February 8, 2024
Day 3: February 15, 2024
Day 4: February 22, 2024
Day 5: February 29, 2024
Day 6: March 7, 2024
Day 7: March 14, 2024
Day 8: March 21, 2024
Day 9: March 25, 2024 (MONDAY)
Day 10: March 28 , 2024
Course Fee: $575.00

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