VIRTUAL Experience Movement to Improve Awareness & Teaching

VIRTUAL Experience Movement to Improve Awareness & Teaching

In order to be successful teachers, Pilates Instructors need a deep awareness of how their own body works and feels. Every individual develops a unique style of movement that is used in everyday activities. These distinct patterns may not be the most efficient. The use of self-exploration and observation can bring awareness to how we move and the characteristics of these movements known as movement qualities. The resultant awareness can facilitate more efficient and effective exercise choices for future programming for clients and self. In addition, this standing warm up can be used to facilitate self‐exploration of common movement patterns in combination with the STOTT PILATES Principles, focusing on movement qualities that stimulate the fascial system.

Learning objectives

  • Experience a standing warm up to observe and develop awareness of preferred or habitual movement patterns.
  • Explore how the STOTT PILATES Principles are incorporated in more dynamic movement sequences.
  • Use warm up exercises to incorporate recognized movement patterns, movement qualities and fascial integration.
  • Develop an understanding of how individual movement preferences can provide a framework for programming goals.

Workshop Dated: December 3rd, 2023

Workshop Time:12:30-3:30pm

Workshop Fee: $190

CEC #: 0.3

Instructor Trainer: Eva Powers