We are hiring!

We are looking to add excellent candidates to our Client Service Team!

Interested?! Answer "yes" or "no"  of the questions below:

  1. I am passionate about fitness
  2. I want to work at equilibrium so that I can workout there as a job benefit
  3. I have excellent communication skills
  4. My friends and family describe me as a people person
  5. I am proficient in using a computer
  6. I have experience with Mind-Body Software or scheduling software
  7. I work well with other people
  8. I enjoy talking on the phone
  9. I am available for morning shifts 8-1 and evening shifts 3-8
  10. I am available on Saturday mornings from 8-1 a couple of times a month
  11. I am available one Sunday a month from 9:00-1
  12. My schedule is flexible.

Did you answer "yes" to a minimum of 10 of the 12 requirements listed above? If so, call 248.723.6500 or email nancy@equilibriumstudio.com for more information or to apply for a client services position at our studio!

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