Why I Think That You Should Check Out the Stott Pilates Difference for Yourself

Amy Kubo-Slowik

Amy Slowik, PT

So, you’ve decided that you want to be a Pilates instructor, and not just any Pilates instructor. You’ve tried Pilates and you loved how it made you feel, how your instructor inspired you, understood your movements, and challenged your mind and your body.  How do you learn to teach like this? Granted, some people are born with the gift of teaching, but if you are seriously committed, we can help equip you with the tools to become a gifted Pilates instructor.

The Pilates industry has taken off, so unlike me, you will have many different types and styles of Pilates training programs to choose from. I was a physical therapist with a background in dance, strength & conditioning, personal training, group fitness and sports rehabilitation. Born from a mutual interest in dance, my friend and co-worker, Kim Dunleavy and I decided to develop a Performing Arts Physical Therapy Program at the Detroit Medical Center. We knew right from the beginning that we wanted to incorporate Pilates into our program. One day, almost 20 years ago, Kim asked me, “Did you know that they are starting a Pilates training program in Bloomfield Hills?”  I replied, “No, but how do I sign up?” That was the extent of my research.

I had no idea what I was getting into or even that there were different “styles” of Pilates. I just knew that I felt that it would be crucial component to any treatment program for performing artists, and I was thrilled that it was located in Michigan!  I discovered that I would have to become a Pilates client before I could become a Pilates instructor. Fair enough, I signed up and fell in love with Pilates. It challenged me and humbled me. Even with my background in dance and gymnastics, I started to question whether I would physically be able to complete the training, but each of my instructors reassured and encouraged me.

The first day, the first hour of my mat training, I knew that this program was special. With my multiple interests and certifications in different fitness modalities, I have taken numerous courses and workshops, and there was usually something that was a little “off,” in my mind; sometimes it was a biomechanical principle, sometimes it was mispronouncing common anatomical terms.  But the STOTT PILATES training was different. I remember thinking to myself that not only was the material very biomechanically sound and reliable but the instructor was brilliant.

“To teach is to learn.” - Japanese Proverb

I thought, that with my background in teaching movement and as a former dancer and gymnast, I knew a thing or two about observing, analyzing, teaching or even correcting movement. I had so much to learn!  The Stott Pilates difference is that the instructors teach their students to become teachers.  Read that again, because it is key. The Stott Pilates Education Program teaches you to become a teacher.  I was already teaching movement to patients and professional athletes, but they immediately noticed a difference. The Stott program made me more effective at teaching and correcting movement.

Yes, I was taught over 500 Pilates exercises, but this program offers so much more than just learning the Pilates exercises.  Because I was able to study and receive personal feedback from an elite group of instructors. I found that I was now able to teach ANY exercise more effectively! I was a better physical therapist. I was a better strength & conditioning specialist. I was a better personal trainer. I was taught to pay attention to my client’s reaction and how to respond. I learned the art of teaching with detail, and on the other hand, that it is possible to teach with too much detail!  I learned to be more thoughtful when selecting exercises for clients and I learned how to avoid frustrating my clients.

It was a humbling, yet mind-blowing journey.  Yes, I had an extensive background in biomechanics and before I entered the Stott Pilates program, but the program is designed to help fill in the blanks if you are less experienced.  You aren’t familiar with the anatomy of a body?  Equilibrium offers a workshop or a course. Do you need more feedback and practice? There are supervised teaching sessions with an instructor trainer available.  Do you need more experience working with real, live clients? Equilibrium offers an apprenticeship program.

If your goal is to become a top Pilates instructor, then I believe that you need to study a superior program taught by top instructors. The best Pilates program in the world will not produce the best instructors if not led by the superior instructors.  Have you ever taken a class in a beautiful gym that left you uninspired? A top-notch instructor makes all the difference, and inspires you to return.  Your education is the best investment that you can make in your Pilates career. The more that you are willing to commit to your pilates education, the more you will get out of it, and the more confident, qualified and employable you will be as a Pilates instructor. In all honesty, oftentimes, the least experienced, but most committed students end up being the best instructors.

I invite you to join this dynamic and extremely fulfilling profession by studying with us, the only training program in Michigan with longevity and successful graduates working around the globe.

What sets us apart is that our courses are taught by a diverse group of instructors, who were at the top of their game before they were accepted into a specialized training program before they are allowed to train you.   You will have the opportunity to learn from master teachers who want you to succeed.  You will learn a lot about yourself and you will LEARN to TEACH Pilates!

If you want to find out more about our Pilates training programs, please call or text Heather Babbie, training coordinator at Equilibrium Studio 248-723-1300

By Amy Slowik, PT.