Why learning to teach Pilates is best with a group

Supervised teaching at Equilibrium, Bloomfield.

Working out as a Pilates client is often best enjoyed as a private so the instructor can give your body her undivided attention. The instructor can adjust your body alignment, make modifications to suit your needs and give you an ideal workout to suit your goals and body needs. This may sound ideal if you want to become a Pilates instructor. In reality learning to become a Pilates Instructor is best done in a group setting. Here are some reasons why:

In the group setting you'll have an opportunity to train your body and your eyes.

While in class you'll have time to start to master the exercises in your own body, which is great. (Don't we all decide to become Pilates instructors because we love to do Pilates?) Becoming a great instructor requires that you be able to see what's going on in the body of the person you are teaching. This is best done by watching and the other students in your class, seeing how the Instructor Trainer corrects and modifies the exercises to meet the needs of the other students, and having the opportunity to ask questions based on what you see.

In the group setting you'll be spending time and learning with other like minded people. The people in your class will not only be able to give you visual feedback but you'll be able to work with them to help master your newly learned skills as a teacher. The best way to find out if you understand an exercise or a concept is to put it into action soon after learning it.

The best way to learn to teach is to actually teach.

In the group setting you'll have a "safe" place to begin your new venture. Your classmates and the Instructor Trainer will be able to give you feedback as to whether you are on track. Does what you are saying actually make sense? How is your timing? Can you start to use some of your newly learned visual skills to make corrections? While it's important to practice with family and friends, your classmates can give you honest feedback and also help you remember what you need to be teaching.

Another great reason to train to become a Pilates instructor in a group setting is you might meet your new Pilates best friend. At the very least you'll be set up with a network of people who you can learn from, study with and share your love of Pilates with. To grow as an instructor and student you'll love, grow and learn from  the opportunity to share with others.

By Gayle Eubanks, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer

Senior instructor Gayle Eubanks at Equilibrium Studio

Gayle Eubanks, STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer


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