STRONG is the new skinny…Xtend Challengers 2014

 Introducing our first Xtend Challengers of 2014! 

As a Holistic Health Coach, I have become increasingly familiar with the new health and fitness mantra, “STRONG is the new skinny.” Recently, this statement has been posted on many health pages, written about in many articles, and seen in many fitness studios and gyms. The truth is there are many women and men who are thin and may appear to be in shape, but lack strength, endurance, and stability. At Equilibrium Studio, we believe that a strong core and a healthy spine are key to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through my coaching, I will provide the Xtend Challengers the opportunity to take their wellness to the next level. In addition to their group fitness classes, we will look at the whole spectrum of their health and lifestyle choices. In sessions with my clients, I work to create a personalized “roadmap to health” which suits each individual. I provide ongoing support and guidance that allows my clients to make sustainable changes that improve their health and happiness. My clients come to me with a variety of goals and needs and I love helping each individual define their goals, create systems that develop positive behaviors, and achieve a healthy lifestyle long-term. I can’t wait to work with the three newest Xtend Challengers introduced here:

This winter we selected three people for the Xtend Challenge. We were inspired by their drive to be strong, as well as improve their body physique and tone. Their letters express a sincere desire to be more active, strong, and healthier without emphasizing or obsessing over the numbers on the scale.

Our new Xtend Challengers are a married couple wanting to be in their best shape before starting a family and a woman who wants to get strong before her May wedding. These three people have the fitness goals that match our Challenge. Some of our favorite and most committed clients are married couples who workout together, inspiring and motivating each other to stay accountable at the studio.  They also have fun doing something healthy together! We were thrilled to read the letter from the first married couple expressing their desire to do the challenge side by side.

Meet Manish and his wife, Monisha. Four years ago they were clients at the studio getting in shape for their wedding. Over the last 3.5 years, they have drifted out of shape while in demanding professional training. Manish has been in residency and Monisha has been in Dental school.  In Manish’s words, “Unfortunately our health has been put second because of our career's, and for myself, because of 3 knee surgeries over the past 5 years. I also had to move away to Toronto for fellowship for about 14 months, and the constant traveling back and forth def. made things difficult. Monisha is graduating Dental School in May, and we want to start a family, but we REALLY want to get fit and in shape before we do.”

I believe that doing the Xtend Challenge can help them make life-long changes. While getting in shape for a life event is not necessarily bad and can be a great kick-start, this couple is an example of how short-term goals only result in short-term gains. They were able to get in shape before their wedding 4 years ago, but were not able to maintain that level of fitness over a long period of time. Many people with demanding work schedules, like Manish and Monisha, allow their fitness and health goals to take a back seat to their careers or other life demands. It becomes easy to fall into a pattern of using this for an excuse. I often hear people say, ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’ or ‘I’m too stressed and tired after work to make it to the gym.’ In reality, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and nutritious food choices will provide Manish and Monisha (and others in their situation) with increased energy and decreased stress. They will experience significant benefits beyond a strong physique that will allow them to succeed in all aspects of their life.

Our third Xtend Challenger is starting her journey in a similar fashion to Manish and Monisha when they were Equilibrium regulars 4 years ago…

Meet Sarah, a bride-to-be who will be walking down the aisle in May this year. While she maintains a small frame, Sarah lacks strength and currently struggles to hold a plank or complete a push-up. Sarah wrote in saying, Naturally, many of my current fitness goals are focused around both feeling and looking my best on my wedding day.” Her goal is a common one among brides and while all the staff will be working hard to help her feel her best in her wedding dress, Sarah and I will be working together to create a wellness plan she can maintain far beyond her big day. We are going to work hard together to make sure her physical results, energy, and glow last well past her wedding date for many years of marriage. Sarah will transform into the fitness mantra, “STRONG is the new skinny” by maintaining her current small frame but developing stronger, defined muscles.

All of our Xtend Challengers are motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes and I look forward to helping them achieve, exceed and maintain their goals long-term. The three Challengers, along with Equilibrium and myself, will keep you updated with regular posts on their progress over the next three months as they create healthy, strong bodies! Meet you at the barre Manish, Monisha and Sarah!

Do these stories seem similar to yours? Are you struggling to find a healthy balance in your life? Check out Equilibrium’s new Wellness program and sign up for a free initial consultation with me. I will explain more about how you can transform both your life and body into the healthiest, happiest version of you! Click the link below for more information on our website or find me at the studio to chat!

 Wishing you a happy, healthy day!

~Sarah "Willow"

Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

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