Calling all new moms…Xtend Barre Babies on Board

Equilibrium is SO excited to announce we are expecting a wonderful NEW…class!

Xtend Barre Babies on Board is due June 2nd!

Xtend Barre Babies on Board provides that opportunity for new moms to move their bodies again, but it is much more than just a class. This moment in your day can allow you to do something for yourself while still having a bonding experience with your baby.

Class begins Monday, June 2nd and ends Monday, July 7th. This 45-minute class runs from 11:15am-12pm.

Register for the 6-week class here! Spots are limited!

Come to class and connect with other new moms in this 45-minute class, designed to help you get your body back while having your baby with you. Your baby will LOVE the movement and feeling of being close to you while you exercise. 

NOTE: Your baby must weigh 18lbs or less. Bring a Bjorn/Harness to class. You can also have your baby in his/her car seat for class if he/she is more comfortable.

**Please get clearance to exercise from your doctor prior to beginning class.**

We can't wait to see the smile on your baby's face and yours as you experience this incredible, transforming and exciting chance to bond with your little one!

Please direct your questions to Sarah at

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