Mother’s Day Partner Class!

Mother's Day is a wonderful chance to spend time with our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, children and women we love. What better way to spend time together than doing something healthy AND fun?

Yesterday, we offered a class that allowed mothers to be active and healthy with their son & daughters. Some of the clients were daughters that brought in their moms, others were moms that brought in younger children. The class was created with many partner exercises for the pairs to complete together. The class used BOSUs, medicine balls, resistance bands and free weights ranging from 1-10lbs depending on size & strength. The clients laughed and bonded with each other while strengthening, stretching and sweating. Each mom was presented with a flower at the end of class to show the appreciation we have for all they do.

See pictures below from our fun-filled class celebrating mothers! Stay tuned for more opportunities for partner classes and classes for 16&under.

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