“Let’s Breath” by Gayle Eubanks

“Let’s Breath” by Gayle Eubanks

"Let's Breath" by Gayle Eubanks

We all know that breathing helps us focus and move tension from muscles we don't need to be using, especially our upper backs, shoulders and necks.
Breathing, especially your exhale also helps you make the connection to your deepest core.
Lie down and put your hands on your low belly. Breathe in and as you exhale feel your belly pulling away from your hands. Do the same thing with your hands around your waist. If you also visualize your pelvic floor lifting with the exhale you'll feel nice stability and security in your body.
On your next exhale consider making that same connection around your middle and also feeling that there are imaginary strings connecting your ribs to your pelvis. Place your hands back on your low belly and lift one leg up to table top.

Here's where the breath becomes even more important. In order to lift your second leg, and keep your abs flat and your back stable, you've got to exhale slightly before to feel your abdominal wall flatten and continue exhaling when you lift your second leg. Think about leading the movement with your breathing. This will help you connect to your core, and as an added bonus will give your a flatter abdominal wall and make it easier to zip up your jeans!

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