Our studio fitness challenger, Debbie, has been incredibly committed to taking a variety of classes, where she has increased her upper body strength and fitness level! Hear what Debbie has to say about her first month as the challenger:

I have been having a great time being the 3 month challenger at Equilibrium and feel so grateful that I have had the opportunity. When the challenge first began I was very nervous to attend the group classes after having the safety and security of my PT privates at the studio but was excited to venture out on my own. The classes have been wonderful and all of the instructors are so helpful in showing me the ropes (and all the other props too!) Smile I have attended Liz’s cardio pilates class and pilates/TRX classes as well as mat pilate classes and Lauren’s reformer class. I have also continued my weekly PT private which means I do double sessions on Wednesdays!

In the first month I have seen some good improvement especially with respect to having more upper body strength which was sorely lacking after having three elbow surgeries. The first week I had to drop the weights on some of the upper body weight exercises even though I was using a two pound weight and now I can manage with 3 and/or 5 pounds and do all of the repetitions. I also see great improvement in my ability to do push ups, my side planks and working with props like the body bar. I am excited to see how much more progress I make in the next two months! Being a runner I have also found the cardio portion of the classes has been beneficial in my marathon training program.

My goal in the next couple of weeks is try some of the classes I have yet to attend like a barre class, the cardio reformer fusion class and HITT 55.