Pilates has Become a Major Player in my Life

Pilates has Become a Major Player in my Life
By Amy Slowik, PT

Pilates has become part of my life, whether I am in the studio or not.
In my physical therapy practice, I incorporate the pilates principles into every patient’s treatment program. Sometimes I teach them pilates exercises. Other times I use the STOTT PILATES® Basic Principles to teach a patient how to avoid undue tension in an injured area or to focus on a weak muscle rather than compensating with other muscles. I am more thoughtful about each exercise that I prescribe, ensuring that the purpose of the exercise will efficiently meet their needs. My patients are taught fewer exercises since I became a pilates trainer, but they get a bigger bang for their buck out of each exercise.
When I work with athletes, my pilates training allows me to take their programs to the next level. Pilates enhances their conscious awareness of their movement patterns and STOTT PILATES® is biomechanically sound. I use it to break down and correct movements that they are struggling with, then incorporate them into more fluid, efficient movement. This is good stuff.
I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer two years ago. Because of some complications, I was given weight and movement restrictions for months after my mastectomy. Working out on the STOTT PILATES® Reformer allowed me to safely keep my arms and body moving without injuring myself and kept me sane! The springs allow so much variability in tension and there are so many exercises that I could do without injuring myself.
I could soon feel scar tissue starting to restrict my movement. Breathing how we are taught to breathe in STOTT PILATES® helped me to keep the scar tissue and lower ribs mobile. Throughout my recovery, and to this day, I go to my pilates training to help me remain calm while in pain or during procedures. I focus on my breathing and telling my jaw, shoulder and arm muscles (the usual suspects in my case) to relax.
Pilates has become part of who I am…so beware. Once we get to know each other, you’ll be doing some Pilates.
Amy Kubo-Slowik PT