Martina Sprague and Nancy Hodari revive


Introduction 2.0

Martina is back!

For the 7 people who have actually followed this blog over the past few years, I’m baaaack!!! My life has changed a bit since my last post. My original bio reads as follows:

“30ish, married, one daughter, one husband, one dog, certifying in pilates, helps nancy run equilibrium by doing all the stuff nancy doesn’t like doing. sassy and genetically opinionated. more about her mother later.”

Well, I’m closer to 40 than 30. I have TWO kids, one of which is almost a “threenager”. The other is almost six and has autism spectrum disorder. We moved to the east coast, which means I no longer work for Nancy. I certified in Pilates and have been happily teaching. We built a house. Still have the same husband. Still have the same dog. Still genetically opinionated, but I’ve learned to drop my judgements. Oh, and did I mention my mom almost died? The key word being “almost”. Fortunately, she’s still feisty as ever and an even bigger pain in my ass. Let’s just say our journey has been tiresome, lonely, educational, and amazing all at once. (And my neighbors wonder why I get wine delivered to my house?! ) I’m still the same Martina, just a little older and a tiny bit wiser with a few more wrinkles. Looking forward to sharing our not-so-normal adventures with you!