Congratulations Veronika Scott!

We are thrilled to see such a powerful, driven and inspirational woman win the 2014 DVF People’s Voice Award! Veronika Scott is the Founder and CEO of The Empowerment Plan in Detroit. Her vision began as a 20 year old product design student at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit. It started as a class project and became a non-profit organization when she graduated in December 2011.

This year, Equilibrium supported this woman and her non-profit by donating and purchasing many coats in our client’s name. You all have played an integral part in her success and in supporting a local visionary. We are pleased to have honored you in this meaningful way.

The focus of the Empowerment Plan “is to create jobs for those who desire them, and to provide coats at no cost for those who need them.”

Read this note from Veronika to her voters:

“On behalf of our whole team, THANK YOU for taking the time to vote! Without your belief in our mission and the women we hire, we would not be receiving this award. It is truly humbling to know that we have such a strong support system!

I will be heading to the Women in the World conference next week to accept the $50,000. This donation will make a huge difference in further empowering the women we currently employ while helping us to expand and touch so many others in need!  It will also help bring The Empowerment Plan to a larger stage to speak about Detroit, empowerment, employment, and fashion with a cause!

Again, a huge thank you for voting!! Your support is appreciated more than you will ever know!”

Learn more about the Empowerment Plan here!



Today is the day…SPRING into ACTION with us for the next 30 days! Are you over the cold, gray weather? Do you feel behind on reaching your 2014 goals? The Equilibrium team is with you and we want to help you feel refreshed, revived and ready to greet spring in your best shape!

We are so pleased to see clients signing up on the posters and are thrilled to see shining stars next to many names! Signing up is EASY – all you need to do is write your name, choose a goal # of sessions (if you want) and stick a star next to each day you attend a class or session. Studio fitness classes, privates, duets, etc. all count! If you attend more than one session in a day, please write a small “2″ next to or on top of your sticker that day.

Challengers will be entered into weekly drawings for prizes including apparel and discounts. At the end of the 30 days, each participant is invited to attend a HAPPY HOUR on May 1st where the grand prize drawings will happen. We have a few exciting prizes to be given away and we can’t wait to reward you for the hard work you put in! The biggest reward of all will be the RESULTS you see! 

In addition to your workouts, earn points by taking selfies in the studio and post them on social media, tagging Equilibrium. Follow us on Instagram @equilibriumpilates, Facebook at Equilibrium Pilates Studio or Twitter @equilibriummi. Check out these group selfies from Liz’s and Sarah’s total body conditioning classes this morning! So fun!


Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 1.06.55 PM


Challenger Update!

Our challengers have been taking classes for a little over a month and are doing an amazing job! Combined they have attended 75 classes! We are proud of their commitment to health and fitness. All of the challengers feel and look stronger…their arms are more toned, muscles are more defined and abs are tighter. They continue to be great examples of “STRONG is the new skinny.”

Remember Sarah, our bride-to-be? When she came to us in January, Sarah could barely complete a push-up and her abs were sinking in her plank. Look at her now! Sarah loves coming to the morning classes and frequents our 8:00am options. She finds all the classes to be challenging and motivating.

photo image_1




“My first month of the challenge has been amazing. My arms are toning
and my core has never been stronger! Most impressively my arms are
able to get through a full set of push ups! I’ve enjoyed the variety
of classes and techniques used, each time I go I get a different
workout!” – Sarah, bride-to-be challenger




Challengers Manish and Monisha, our wonderful married couple, have kept each other accountable despite their extremely busy schedules. Monisha “Mo” is so enthusiastic and says, I love it.  I’m getting stronger every class I take!” We were very impressed by her dedication to take back to back classes during her Spring Break week. Mo came in with a huge smile on her face the day she passed her Dental Boards and despite being exhausted from studying and a long day of examinations, she stayed for two classes. Way to go, Mo! 




For Manish, his journey as a challenger has been both amazing and frustrating due to a rigorous work schedule. “For the first two weeks things were going really well, and I was feeling stronger and stronger every day. Now I have been working a lot for the past 2 weeks…so needless to say have fallen off in a big way. I find that my posture, my feeling of strength, and even my ability to deal with the stresses of the normal day has rapidly fallen off…In the first two weeks I literally felt better than I had in probably 3 or 4 years…well thankfully, this period of difficulty at work is ending at the end of this weekend, and I am so excited to be back in those classes, and feeling like I am actually 34 again, rather than feeling like I might be hitting 70 soon. Since my knee surgeries I haven’t been able to play sports, which was the main way I stayed fit prior to the injury (I am currently 50 pounds heavier than I used to be in my “Fit” days…and about a year ago I was even 30 pounds heavier than I am now!!). Doing the routine cardio machines at the gym was just so boring, that I really couldn’t get excited to go work out ever, now, after only a few weeks of being at Equilibrium, I feel as if I am missing out on something I love, and my body desperately needs!!…so I cannot wait to be back at the studio on Monday, and rather than having given up after hitting a tough 2 week stretch…I’ll be doubling up to get it all back!!” 

Manish’s dedication to increase his fitness level and develop healthier habits is inspiring to us all. We are proud of him for continuing to push himself to attend classes and find a healthy balance in his life. He even comes in at 5:45am and 6:00am!

In addition to making fitness classes a priority in their busy schedules, all of the challengers have met with Wellness Coach, Sarah Willoughby, to learn ways they can work on being healthier at home. We can’t wait to see their progress over the next two months and will keep you updated!

Spring into a New YOU Event

On Saturday afternoon we hosted guests and clients at the studio for an Xtend Barre class and informational talk with our Wellness Coach, Sarah. Channel 7, WXYZ’s, Erin Nicole and Alicia Smith joined us for a great sweat and tips for living a healthier life. Erin Nicole is currently on our Wedding Bootcamp package and loves taking Xtend classes to help her get in shape for her August wedding.

Here is a glimpse into our event with photos and a clip of the handouts guests received:

IMG_1347 IMG_1348IMG_1349

IMG_1328 IMG_1334


Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.30.38 PM

IMG_1338 IMG_1327

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 12.09.02 PM IMG_1342 IMG_1344Sign up to receive our weekly email newsletters, follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and get updates on               future events for YOU to attend! 

Lululemon Barre Crawl

We loved seeing so many new faces and existing Equilibrium clients during our Xtend Barre crawl class with Lululemon Athletica Old Woodward on Saturday. Jessie and Thomas co-taught a full class to a group excited to work hard and experience the amazing benefits of Xtend! After getting lean and chiseled, the class enjoyed Skinny Girl Margaritas with a healthy side of guacamole and veggies.

Check out a few event photos here:











On March 30th, we look forward to partnering with Lululemon again for an in-store Xtend class taught by Sarah at 10am. No sign-up required for this upcoming event as there is plenty of space in the store. Come to  101 S. Old Woodward in Birmingham and start your Sunday off with a fantastic workout and a little shopping!

Meet Erin Nicole…

We are so excited to have WXYZ’s Entertainment Reporter, Erin Nicole, working out at Equilibrium! Erin had her first baby girl 4 months ago and is currently planning a wedding. She chose Equilibrium as the place to get her body back after baby and get in the best shape for her big day. Erin says she is “excited to join Equilibrium’s Bridal Boot Camp to get in shape for my August 2014 Wedding!”

Erin with Xtend Barre instructor, Jessie, wearing Splits59 gear

Erin with Xtend Barre instructor, Jessie, wearing Splits59 gear

Our wedding boot camp package includes 2-months of unlimited studio fitness classes, PURE STOTT reformer & matwork and 1 private STOTT Pilates session with a staff instructor. This bridal boot camp isn’t limited to just brides…Erin’s bridal party & mother-of-the-bride will be joining her for workouts as well!

Follow @equilibriummi and @ENicole19 on twitter for updates and progress reports like this one…

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.24.23 PM

…AND join Erin for a special FREE event, Saturday March 22nd from 3-5pm. You’ll get a total body workout from Jessie in a 55-minute Xtend Barre class and then learn healthy tips to get back in shape from Equilibrium’s Wellness Coach, Sarah. Learn more on our Facebook page about this Spring Into A New You event. Register today!

A Thankful Trainee

Our training coordinator, Jessie, was so pleased to receive this Thank You note from one of our loyal clients who has recently become a Trainee in the STOTT PILATES Matwork training at Equilibrium.

We were not only touched but inspired by her words and wanted to share them with you:

“Thank you so much for helping me with the whole process of becoming a Pilates instructor. You have gone above and beyond to help me achieve this. I am so grateful to Equilibrium, especially you, for helping me to see what a great community this is. I couldn’t be happier here! Thank you, Thank you for taking me in and letting me be a part of the equilibrium family! You’re the best, <3 Amanda Hewitt”

Thank you Amanda for sharing your experience with us. We look forward to your continued success in the Pilates industry.

STRONG is the new skinny…Xtend Challengers 2014

 Introducing our first Xtend Challengers of 2014! 

As a Holistic Health Coach, I have become increasingly familiar with the new health and fitness mantra, “STRONG is the new skinny.” Recently, this statement has been posted on many health pages, written about in many articles, and seen in many fitness studios and gyms. The truth is there are many women and men who are thin and may appear to be in shape, but lack strength, endurance, and stability. At Equilibrium Studio, we believe that a strong core and a healthy spine are key to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Through my coaching, I will provide the Xtend Challengers the opportunity to take their wellness to the next level. In addition to their group fitness classes, we will look at the whole spectrum of their health and lifestyle choices. In sessions with my clients, I work to create a personalized “roadmap to health” which suits each individual. I provide ongoing support and guidance that allows my clients to make sustainable changes that improve their health and happiness. My clients come to me with a variety of goals and needs and I love helping each individual define their goals, create systems that develop positive behaviors, and achieve a healthy lifestyle long-term. I can’t wait to work with the three newest Xtend Challengers introduced here:

This winter we selected three people for the Xtend Challenge. We were inspired by their drive to be strong, as well as improve their body physique and tone. Their letters express a sincere desire to be more active, strong, and healthier without emphasizing or obsessing over the numbers on the scale.

Our new Xtend Challengers are a married couple wanting to be in their best shape before starting a family and a woman who wants to get strong before her May wedding. These three people have the fitness goals that match our Challenge. Some of our favorite and most committed clients are married couples who workout together, inspiring and motivating each other to stay accountable at the studio.  They also have fun doing something healthy together! We were thrilled to read the letter from the first married couple expressing their desire to do the challenge side by side.


Meet Manish and his wife, Monisha. Four years ago they were clients at the studio getting in shape for their wedding. Over the last 3.5 years, they have drifted out of shape while in demanding professional training. Manish has been in residency and Monisha has been in Dental school.  In Manish’s words, “Unfortunately our health has been put second because of our career’s, and for myself, because of 3 knee surgeries over the past 5 years. I also had to move away to Toronto for fellowship for about 14 months, and the constant traveling back and forth def. made things difficult. Monisha is graduating Dental School in May, and we want to start a family, but we REALLY want to get fit and in shape before we do.”

I believe that doing the Xtend Challenge can help them make life-long changes. While getting in shape for a life event is not necessarily bad and can be a great kick-start, this couple is an example of how short-term goals only result in short-term gains. They were able to get in shape before their wedding 4 years ago, but were not able to maintain that level of fitness over a long period of time. Many people with demanding work schedules, like Manish and Monisha, allow their fitness and health goals to take a back seat to their careers or other life demands. It becomes easy to fall into a pattern of using this for an excuse. I often hear people say, ‘I just don’t have time to exercise’ or ‘I’m too stressed and tired after work to make it to the gym.’ In reality, leading a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and nutritious food choices will provide Manish and Monisha (and others in their situation) with increased energy and decreased stress. They will experience significant benefits beyond a strong physique that will allow them to succeed in all aspects of their life.


Our third Xtend Challenger is starting her journey in a similar fashion to Manish and Monisha when they were Equilibrium regulars 4 years ago…


Meet Sarah, a bride-to-be who will be walking down the aisle in May this year. While she maintains a small frame, Sarah lacks strength and currently struggles to hold a plank or complete a push-up. Sarah wrote in saying, Naturally, many of my current fitness goals are focused around both feeling and looking my best on my wedding day.” Her goal is a common one among brides and while all the staff will be working hard to help her feel her best in her wedding dress, Sarah and I will be working together to create a wellness plan she can maintain far beyond her big day. We are going to work hard together to make sure her physical results, energy, and glow last well past her wedding date for many years of marriage. Sarah will transform into the fitness mantra, “STRONG is the new skinny” by maintaining her current small frame but developing stronger, defined muscles.

Sarah's current push-up : lacking strength in core and upper body

Sarah’s current push-up : lacking strength in core and upper body


Sarah’s goal push-up : strong core, toned arms, stable spine

All of our Xtend Challengers are motivated to make healthy lifestyle changes and I look forward to helping them achieve, exceed and maintain their goals long-term. The three Challengers, along with Equilibrium and myself, will keep you updated with regular posts on their progress over the next three months as they create healthy, strong bodies! Meet you at the barre Manish, Monisha and Sarah!

Do these stories seem similar to yours? Are you struggling to find a healthy balance in your life? Check out Equilibrium’s new Wellness program and sign up for a free initial consultation with me. I will explain more about how you can transform both your life and body into the healthiest, happiest version of you! Click the link below for more information on our website or find me at the studio to chat!

 Wishing you a happy, healthy day!

~Sarah “Willow”


Certified Holistic Health Coach, AADP

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

Wellness with Willow Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching

Areas of focus with clients include:

  • weight loss
  • eating disorders & body image improvement
  • prenatal & postnatal health
  • stress reduction & low energy
  • exercise regimens & fitness levels
  • healthy cooking for children & families
  • disease prevention & addiction
  • hormonal changes & imbalance
  • …and many more areas of need

    Sarah Willoughby Are you ready to start feeling better than ever?  

Learn more about Wellness with Willow at Equilibrium Studio


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