Challenger Update!

Our challengers have been taking classes for a little over a month and are doing an amazing job! Combined they have attended 75 classes! We are proud of their commitment to health and fitness. All of the challengers feel and look stronger…their arms are more toned, muscles are more defined and abs are tighter. They continue to be great examples of "STRONG is the new skinny."

Remember Sarah, our bride-to-be? When she came to us in January, Sarah could barely complete a push-up and her abs were sinking in her plank. Look at her now! Sarah loves coming to the morning classes and frequents our 8:00am options. She finds all the classes to be challenging and motivating.

"My first month of the challenge has been amazing. My arms are toning
and my core has never been stronger! Most impressively my arms are
able to get through a full set of push ups! I've enjoyed the variety
of classes and techniques used, each time I go I get a different
workout!" - Sarah, bride-to-be challenger

Challengers Manish and Monisha, our wonderful married couple, have kept each other accountable despite their extremely busy schedules. Monisha "Mo" is so enthusiastic and says, "I love it.  I'm getting stronger every class I take!" We were very impressed by her dedication to take back to back classes during her Spring Break week. Mo came in with a huge smile on her face the day she passed her Dental Boards and despite being exhausted from studying and a long day of examinations, she stayed for two classes. Way to go, Mo! 

For Manish, his journey as a challenger has been both amazing and frustrating due to a rigorous work schedule. "For the first two weeks things were going really well, and I was feeling stronger and stronger every day. Now I have been working a lot for the past 2 needless to say have fallen off in a big way. I find that my posture, my feeling of strength, and even my ability to deal with the stresses of the normal day has rapidly fallen off...In the first two weeks I literally felt better than I had in probably 3 or 4 years...well thankfully, this period of difficulty at work is ending at the end of this weekend, and I am so excited to be back in those classes, and feeling like I am actually 34 again, rather than feeling like I might be hitting 70 soon. Since my knee surgeries I haven't been able to play sports, which was the main way I stayed fit prior to the injury (I am currently 50 pounds heavier than I used to be in my "Fit" days...and about a year ago I was even 30 pounds heavier than I am now!!). Doing the routine cardio machines at the gym was just so boring, that I really couldn't get excited to go work out ever, now, after only a few weeks of being at Equilibrium, I feel as if I am missing out on something I love, and my body desperately needs!! I cannot wait to be back at the studio on Monday, and rather than having given up after hitting a tough 2 week stretch...I'll be doubling up to get it all back!!" 

Manish's dedication to increase his fitness level and develop healthier habits is inspiring to us all. We are proud of him for continuing to push himself to attend classes and find a healthy balance in his life. He even comes in at 5:45am and 6:00am!

In addition to making fitness classes a priority in their busy schedules, all of the challengers have met with Wellness Coach, Sarah Willoughby, to learn ways they can work on being healthier at home. We can't wait to see their progress over the next two months and will keep you updated!

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