Congratulations, Courtney Jones, on passing your exam!

Congratulations, Courtney Jones, on passing your exam!

Congratulations to Courtney Jones on passing your STOTT Pilates Level 1 Matwork & Reformer exam! You have worked so hard to reach this goal and we are very proud of your commitment & success!

A little more about Courtney:

Courtney Jones, born and raised in Chicago has always had a love of fitness, sports, and human movement. After graduating from Southern Illinois University, with a B.S. in Communications, she relocated to Metro Detroit. Courtney spent years in a corporate career.... It was the birth of her twin daughters; and an exit from the corporate world that brought Courtney to yoga. While there was the physical element, Courtney was most drawn to the mental element. Soon the practice became an essential part of her life.  As a self-proclaimed anatomy junkie, and craving more knowledge of human movement, Courtney enrolled in the Stott Pilates program at Equilibrium Studio. There she found the safety of movement, that she found lacking in some yoga teachings. Yoga and Pilates are both mind-body disciplines; she enjoys the challenge of teaching both. Having taught to the masses in many different settings, Courtney has honed in on her own unique style; mastering creating a sacred space. She guides her students to explore their edge as well as their truth in an authentic way.  Courtney is an E-RYT and is Level 1 Mat and Reformer Stott Pilates Certified. Lastly, Courtney, a Lululemon Ambassador, shares her passion for mind-body movement with teenage girls in her community, working to build healthy self esteems.

We've enjoyed having you in the studio and look forward to you teaching a pilates-yoga fusion class starting in 2016! Here is the description of Courtney's new class:

Ease the mind. Strengthen the body. Soothe the soul.

Yoga and Pilates are mind-body practices. Both are reliant on breath and movement. In this class both disciplines fuse together to create a strong practice with an emphasis on a balanced core. Each class will begin traditional yoga Sun salutations to warm the body and to connect to breath. We then move into a sequence of longer held postures to ground and connect; adding contemporary mat exercises to focus on core connection and stability. We finish with a few moments of stillness in Savasana. Leave feeling refreshed and focused. This all-levels class is the perfect Fusion.

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