Pilates is NOT a trend…it’s a lifestyle

Pilates is NOT a trend…it’s a lifestyle

Pilates is NOT a trend…it’s a lifestyle

By: Nancy Hodari

GOOGLE ALERT December 17, 2015:

“Pilates is NOT a top Fitness Trend for 2015-2016″

You might be surprised to learn of my relief when I read this Google alert.

But Pilates was NEVER a trend. Pilates cannot be compared to the likes of HIIT, bootybarre, Zumba, CrossFit, pole dancing, aerial yoga etc. Joseph Pilates developed his method in the 1920’s and it has endured quite simply because it works. Like cell phones, the internet, and indoor plumbing, pilates is meant to be part of your life, both in and out of exercise class.

From the same alert: “#1 trend Hiit, but taking HIIT out of the number one spot, something equally as effective, body weight workouts are number one for 2015. That’s because planks, squats and push ups help exercisers get fit without having to spend money on equipment…”
A body weight workout that includes planks, squats, and push ups without equipment? That’s pilates matwork developed in the 1920’s and practiced daily at equilibrium since 1996. Trends come and go and pilates is not a trend.

As more and more people are doing hardcore workouts there is a correlating increase in exercise injuries. Unfortunately too many people quit exercise all together concluding it must be bad for their body. If you don’t quit exercise you will probably end up in physical therapy and if you are lucky they will be using pilates for rehab. Physical Therapists love Stott Pilates because they know that treating one injured part is not the answer and pilates gives them a tool to look at the body as a whole, providing more effective therapy and reducing your risk of future re-injury. As one Physical Therapist at equilibrium says, “it’s like WD-40 for your joints.”
According to one professional athlete and studio client, “pilates is like health insurance; I can’t live without it and it is going to help me remain active as I continue to age, while avoiding surgery.”

To be clear I am NOT recommending that you give up fitness classes you love if they don’t harm you or create pain and tightness. Equilibrium has had the #1 trending HIIT classes since 2011 along with numerous other gyms and studios in our area. BUT, If you are serious about your health, your body, your posture, your flexibility, and your potential to keep your spine young and healthy, then you also need pilates.

There are several options for getting pilates “insurance”:

  • Pilates as your main form of exercise that will make you sweat if you learn to perform the exercises with precision, control, and correct alignment.
  • Add a weekly pilates class to your existing workout schedule
  • Learn basics at equilibrium and practice pilates at home with videos or on-line classes
  • After you gain a foundation, continue to use pilates principles in every movement, in and out of class to improve your workout results and reduce your risk of injury
  • Choose one of the above please because it’s #yourbodyyourfuture.

Happy Holidays and in 2016 I wish you and your family peace, health, happiness, and pilates.

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