Inspiring testimonial from our amazing, post-pregnancy client!

We love hearing inspiring stories from our clients about their success and experience with Pilates at Equilibrium! Jamie Baker, a client since spring of 2014 wrote to us after having her sweet baby boy. During her pregnancy, Jamie consistently came to weekly private sessions with Christine & Elissha and attended Xtend Barre classes with Liz. Her dedication to a healthy body and baby has not only kept her fit but also helped her feel emotionally strong. Read her words here:

"Hi, thanks for checking in! It’s been such an amazing experience, he is my everything! Every day is a new adventure.


I will say, it was a miracle that I pretty much lost my entire belly after a week of giving birth. I just woke up and it was gone, pretty much the same, if not better, than my pre-pregnancy body. Granted, I did a lot of cardio up until birth and ate super healthy, but Elissha and I worked hard on my obliques and transverse abdominis…and it paid off BIG! Plus, breast feeding forces your abs to pull in and you burn 500 calories a day just from that. I know you have a pregnant clients…tell them to keep with it until the end (and don’t lax on your diet!).


It's so beneficial for your health and physical stamina after birth too. Being in shape really helps with feeling "good" when you're sleep deprived and emotional, I couldn't imagine! I think it's almost helped me more with baby than during pregnancy, it definitely carries over in a big way.

Don't forget I jumped with Christine on Thursdays too!”