Working out in a Mask

Since we've been back at the studio, the biggest change for me has been wearing a mask. Though our cleaning protocol is a little more intense, we have always kept a very clean studio and I haven't really felt much of a change there. Even coming through one door and leaving through another hasn't been much of an adjustment.

Technique Tip: Rib Cage Placement

Importance of Rib Cage Placement

By: Gayle Eubanks

Have you ever wondered why your instructor is always commenting to you to keep your ribcage down on the mat or closed?
There are a couple of reasons for this. If you think about basic anatomy, (check out the skeleton behind the front desk) you’ll notice the rib bones actually have an attachment to the spine.

“Let’s Breath” by Gayle Eubanks


"Let's Breath" by Gayle Eubanks

We all know that breathing helps us focus and move tension from muscles we don't need to be using, especially our upper backs, shoulders and necks.
Breathing, especially your exhale also helps you make the connection to your deepest core.

Thinking logically about imprint…

A Thursday Technique Tip by Gayle Eubanks

We often tell our clients to imprint when they are attempting an open chain exercise. Why? The rationale is that bringing both the legs into the air (or into an open chain position), puts a lever or force against the pelvis.