Aimee McDonald-Anderson

Aimee received a BFA in Dance at the University of Michigan and was in the first group to go through the full STOTT PILATES® training at Equilibrium in 1997. She taught full time with us for a year and a half before opening The Movement Center in Ann Arbor. In 2007 The Movement Center became Equilibrium’s satelite training studio in Ann Arbor, offering STOTTPILATES training and certification courses four times a year.

In 2000 she fell in love with the Gyrotonic movement and traveled the country to pursue training and certification in both the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method. She is a certified in the Gyrokinesis Method and is a Gyrotonic Master Trainer, as well as a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer. Aimee enjoys sharing her love of movement with future teachers and continually strives to deepen her understanding and approach through numerous workshops and courses.

Founder & Artistic Director of Terpsichore’s Kitchen Dance Theatre, Aimee continues to present her own choreography and produces showcases of independent choreographers’ work, including Dancing in Summer (produced annually).

Contact Aimee at:
The Movement Center
An Equilibrium Satellite Training Studio

Cherie Boschma

Cherie holds a BFA in modern dance from The North Carolina School of the Arts. A STOTT PILATES Instructor since 1993, Cherie trained under Moira Merrithew at the original STOTT PILATES studio in Toronto where she also taught for five years. In 1998, Cherie returned to her home state of Michigan as an Instructor Trainer and the Director of Training for the newly opened Equilibrium Studio. For eight years, she traveled regionally and internationally, conducting Instructor Training for Equilibrium and STOTT PILATES.

Cherie is certified in the Gyrotonic Method and the Gyrokinesis Method. Cherie has studied Macrobiotics and Healing Arts, including Ayurveda, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique and Waldorf Education. In May 2006 she moved to Seattle where she continues to teach STOTT PILATES at Bodycenter Studio. Cherie has trekked Mt. Everest and enjoys hiking, whitewater rafting, camping and living in the Pacific Northwest.

Contact Cherie at:
Bodycenter Studios
126 NW Canal St. #320
206-633-4800 ext. #5

Beth Friedlaender

Beth completed the STOTT PILATES comprehensive training program at Equilibrium just one year after experiencing miraculous benefits as a client. Since her certification in 1999, Beth has continued to expand her awareness of movement and healing with dedication and enthusiasm. Seeking innovation and reinvention, she infuses Pilates with elements of yoga, psychology and circuit training for a dynamic approach that is nurturing and extremely effective. This includes breath work and setting intentions to release tension and cultivate graceful, efficient neuromuscular activity.

Beth challenges and supports her clients beyond just physical exercise. Each workout is unique and tailored to the individual and their needs that day. Her extraordinary gift for communicating complex concepts in a simple, straightforward manner truly sets her apart. Beth shares her personal experiences and loving energy in every session.

Some of Beth’s continuing education includes: an MA in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica, the MCENTIRE WORKOUT METHOD, Gyrotonic Expansion System Level 1 and L.I.S.T. BALANCE SYSTEM Level 1.

In private practice for more than eight years now, Beth serves a loyal clientele at two studio locations in Los Angeles.

Contact Beth at:
Foundation Pilates
1131 Montana Ave.

Tara Gilespie

Tara was introduced to the STOTT PILATES method as an undergraduate student while studying dance. She completed her full STOTT PILATES certification at Equilibrium in 2003. With a background in dance, theater and sports, Tara brings strong physicality, a keen eye and creative spirit to her sessions. Her additional specialized training includes BOSU, Foam Roller and applications of Ballet to Pilates.

Tara enjoys helping her clients achieve a deep understanding of the theory behind Pilates and challenges even her most advanced clients to rediscover the benefits of the fundamentals. She earned her Bachelor of Theatre Arts degree with minors in dance and humanities from the University of Michigan. She loves the arts and devotes a large part of her time to her job as an event planner for the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s development department. She is also passionate about her volunteer work for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Tara joined the Harmony staff in October 2004.

Contact Tara at:
Harmony Mind Body Fitness
1962 North Bissell

Martina Hauptman PT

Martina is a physical therapist with experience in both orthopedics and neurology. Martina discovered Pilates through a continuing education class for physical therapists. She immediately saw the benefits of this type of exercise for both the rehabilitation client and the fitness buff. Through Pilates, she has found her own flexibility, strength, posture and balance have improved, which in turn has increased her mountain biking and skiing abilities. Martina moved to Colorado to pursue her passion for outdoor sports and adventure.

Martina’s favorite snack is cheese and if she wasn’t a Pilates Instructor she muses she’d be an International Woman of Mystery.

Contact Martina at:
North Boulder Physical Therapy & Pilates
3000 Center Green Drive

Katie Manolatos

Katie discovered her love for Pilates as a client in 2001. She holds a Masters Degree in Accounting Information Systems, is a former tax consultant and an avid dance student. In 2004 she decided to make a career change and completed her full STOTT PILATES Certification at Equilibrium. Katie is also an Instructor Trainer in CARDIOLATES and a certified Pre & Post-Natal Instructor. She has a true passion for mind body fitness and loves to offer challenging workouts to beginners through advanced students. Katie loves to bring positive and encouraging energy to every session, whether it is a private or class setting. Katie joined the Harmony staff in February 2009.

Tracy Pighin

Tracy grew up as part of a loving, military family and spent her childhood overseas, learning from an early age that with focus, discipline and a sense of humor, anything is possible. Tracy’s natural ability to motivate helped launch her teaching career as a competitive cheer coach. More recently, Tracy achieved her STOTT PILATES Level two full certification, allowing her to work with an array of clients with varied fitness and mind/body goals. Whether she’s teaching salsa in her high-energy Zumba classes, doing suspension training with the TRX system, preparing a mom-to-be with prenatal Pilates or working with a former athlete whose back has seen better days, Tracy is devoted to providing a challenging, dynamic workout in each of her sessions. Tracy loves to learn as much as she loves to teach and stays current with the ever-evolving fitness industry. It gives Tracy great pleasure to have found a fulfilling career that makes others look and feel fabulous.

Favorite snack: Cheese
If I wasn’t a Pilates instructor:I would be a world class traveler